A December Playlist – Blogmas Day 9

December 9th 2017

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This is the point when people get a little tired of 24/7 Christmas music…

On Blogmas day 5 I posted a playlist of my favorite Christmas and holiday songs because I love getting super festive right at the start of the month. However, midway through the month, I usually have my fill of Feliz Navidad and I’m Jinglebell Rocked out so I need some other music to change things up.

So I decided, to benefit myself and anyone else who needs a break from the holly jolly bops, I made a little playlist for everyone to enjoy!

Here is my December Bops playlist, filled with old songs, new songs, and songs that even I haven’t listened to much yet (and some little reviews and commentary along the way):

  1. Blood On The Mattress- Korey Dane and Zella Day– I am so happy Zella Day is back and this collab with Korey because love makes beautiful music
  2. Waiting for the Tide- Cody Simpson and the Tide– Yes, Cody Simpson is back with a really bop and I honestly have this song to thank for getting me through multiple moments of struggle and anxiety.
  3. Feel it Still- Portugal the Man- I’m so sorry to anyone who is sick of this song because I still love it and will bop along forever.
  4. Detail in the Fabric- Jason Mraz- An oldy but a goody. I thought about this song recently and decided to dig it back up. Totally love.
  5. Lowlife- Poppy- I love Poppy and this is the first song I heard of hers over a year or two ago. Her music is incredibly meta but boppy as heck!
  6. Thunder- Imagine Dragons- Heard clips but never gave the full song a chance so here we go.
  7. watch- Billie Eilish- I’ve heard a few of Billie’s songs before but she is really spiking in popularity at the moment so I decided to integrate a couple of her songs into this list.
  8. Sit Next to Me- Foster the People- I find Foster the People to be incredibly underrated and underappreciated since Pumped Up Kicks.
  9. Concrete Jungle- Au/Ra- This was on my fall playlist but I sort of slept on it and now I really want to try listening to it again.
  10. COPYCAT- Billie Eilish- Like I said, I want to listen to more Billie Eilish.
  11. Love Galore- SZA- This song was hiding on a playlist I never finished creating. I’ve heard people rave about SZA so I wanted to give this song a whirl because clearly I liked it enough to add to a previous playlist.
  12. Relapse- Divided by Friday- I can’t describe the genre of this song but it sort of makes me feel like a bunch of genres were smacked together to create this song that sounds like some other songs but is still catchy and I want to give it a shot.
  13. Find New Friends- Super chill song. Never heard it until I was browsing my Discover Weekly playlist today. Acoustic but with a bit of a folk undertone.
  14. Nineteen- Hayley Williams- I believe this is a cover of Tegan and Sara but I am not familiar with them so I don’t know for sure (although my goal for next year is to familiarize myself with their music). I just really love Hayley Williams so I had to throw this on.
  15. Daddy’s Girl- Natalia Kills- Not familiar with this song or artist at all but upon my first couple “skim listens” it gives me a bit of R&B mixed with some more vintage sounds. Really boppy.
  16. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright- Mike Mains- Chill and indie and a positive affirmation that I really need at this point in my life.

Overall, I’m really pleased with how much new music I gave myself to explore this month and if you want to check out my playlist yourself, click here!

If you want to see more monthly playlists, feel free to follow my Spotify: jessicasimeone13

What is your favorite song this month?


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