Layering Lookbook- Blogmas Day 8

December 8th 2017


You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for warmth~

It is the first Fashion Friday of Blogmas, so naturally I decided to challenge myself and create a lookbook of looks that are both warm and fashionable. I have this terrible habit of becoming a blob when it gets cold outside. I stick to a standard outfit of leggings, long socks, boots, and a sweater or sweatshirt almost every day. I shy away from dresses and skirts and get too lazy to put on jeans because, in my mind, they don’t seem as cozy.

I want to break that bad habit and make some cute outfits for myself that I will actually want to wear even when the weather is cold. So here are just some simple looks you can try out to turn your winter style from cozy blob to cozy TRENDY blob!

1- Mid-Season Mood


Shirt // Kohls

Scarf // Target

Pants // Kohls (I think?)

Jacket // Forever 21

Hat // Forever 21

Boots // Forever 21

I first want to start out by saying, I love this outfit and the pictures I took on this particular day so I am extra excited to be putting this into my lookbook. I actually wore this outfit on the first cold day of November and it kept me way warmer than I had expected. It was in the 30’s that day and I stayed outside taking pictures for quite a while before even feeling the slightest bit chilly.



Blanket scarves are one of my must haves for the season (spoiler alert: I am doing a 1 item 3 ways for blanket scarves this month too). I find that blanket scarves are a wonderful combination of functional and fashionable and are great for adding a little something to a look.  I paired the yellow beanie with the look because I find that mustard yellow and the red really complimented each other and the scarf had a yellow stripe in the plaid that really carried the color through the outfit.



I chose to wear a denim jacket because I was wearing olive green jeans so I didn’t go denim on denim in a clashy way! I also love this jacket that I got from Forever 21 a couple of years ago. It isn’t your standard denim jacket because it is less structure and acts more like a hoodie than a denim jacket.

I paired the whole look with these tan booties from Forever 21 because I feel like the warm tan color really complimented the other warm accent pieces against the cool toned base outfit.

2- Warm and Fuzzy


Flannel // Forever 21

Jeans // Marshalls

Boots // DSW

Vest // TJMaxx

This outfit may not look incredibly warm, but I must say I felt comfortably cozy in mid-forty degree weather even when I was outside for quite a bit. I find that this look shows that you don’t need to be incredibly bundled to pull off a layered look.



I tried to use texture and warm colors to give a nice fall to winter transition within the outfit, and I utilized a flannel that I don’t frequently use. One of my favorite things about this flannel is it’s hidden warmth. Although it appears to look like any normal flannel, it is actually lined with a shearling-like material that adds an extra bit of insulation without making it appear bulky.


I’ve mentioned this in blogs before, but I largely pick my outfits with comfort in mind, This outfit got the headstand stamp of approval so not only is it cute and perfect for the approaching winter weather, it is also comfy as heck!



3- Holly Jolly Work Casual


Dress // H&M

Cardigan // Forever 21

Scarf // Target

Boots // Charlotte Russe

Jacket // Forever 21

I decided to take my layering book with me to the office today and did a look inspired by being warm and work friendly. Since I work in the arts (doing social media, not as a performer which is a common misconception people have when I say I work in a performing arts center), the dress code is pretty open for creativity. However, I try to remain classy, comfortable, and fashionable whenever I can instead of opting for jeans and sweater everyday.



Since I didn’t want to be that weirdo taking pictures at the office, my friend Michaella and I took a little trip to the mall after work to grab a few photos and enjoy the Christmas decorations. It’s sort of funny, but I was standing right outside the H&M I bought this dress at while I was taking these pictures.

So onto what I’m wearing. I paired this mustard ribbed dress with a blue and black cardigan because I think really rich deep blues compliment yellow really nicely. I really love the cardigan and wish I got a better picture of it because it is sort of like a “heather navy” instead of a heather gray. I also really love mixing textures in my looks because I feel like it keeps things interesting.

Also, you can probably see by now that the denim jacket from Forever 21 is a layering staple for me because of the fact that it is light weight and adds just the tiniest bit of warmth to an outfit without being as aggressive as a puffy coat.



I also want to take a break from this regularly scheduled blog post to remind everyone that Macy’s is doing the Believe campaign where every letter written in their stores or online donates $1 to Make a Wish! Write your letter here and give a little love to make someone’s wish come true!



I hope these looks gave you a bit of inspiration that trendy can also be warm and cozy! I’m looking forward to playing with a lot more looks this late fall/early winter season!


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