A Day in Ugly Sweaters- Blogmas Day 7

December 7th 2017

Red Christmas Dessert Collage Book Cover

Tis the season to rock ugly sweaters~

I am a lover of ugly sweaters. The uglier, the better honestly. Right now, I have 4 ugly sweaters but I am looking to expand my collection. Nothing says Christmas spirit to me quite like wearing that spirit in the tackiest way possible for the world to see.

In honor of my love for sweaters only a mother could love, I decided to do a day in my life through holiday sweaters! Special thanks to my friend Angie for tolerating me through this annoying little project, but she got a fun Christmas day with me out of it so she should feel honored!

1- Bah Humpug

Started my day off in the most basic way possible, with Starbucks. I love this sweater my friend got me for Christmas last year because 1) I love pugs so frickin’ wickin’ much and 2) it is just the right amount of ugly to be seen out in public in.

I paired this sweater with this cool pair of jeans that are actually blue in the front but black in the back and the back half is like leggings. I don’t know how to explain them and I probably sound crazy but if you ever come across a weird Frankenstein’s monster leggings/jeans hybrid, BUY THEM. They are the most comfortable thing I have.

I also layered a nice light jacket from Forever 21 over the sweater because the jacket made it look like I tried and it also added an extra layer of warmth and had a hood which was great since the day was a bit drizzly. Overall, 10/10 outfit for buying overpriced beverages.

2- Christmas Shopping Chic


This is the newest piece of my collection, the ugly cardigan. I ADORE this because it is so charming. Look at the little bear family caroling on the front and not pictured are tons of ornaments decorating the back. The buttons are freaking candy canes. Like what more could you want in an ugly cardigan!?

I wore this outfit with the same jeans and a pair of quilted slip on sneakers that I believe are from Target. This outfit was super comfortable and festive to go to the mall to shop for Christmas presents. Behind me is the back side of the meeting Santa area and the workers and Santa kept trying to get me to take a picture with Santa and I just wasn’t about it. So here I am awkwardly avoiding confrontation with all of the lovely gifts I bought for my friends!

If I had to rate this sweater I would give it a 11/10 festive!

3- Pj Party

This is my antisocial social outfit. My friend and I had matching PJ pants from Old Navy to wear while watching Christmas movies and, being festive, I paired another ugly sweater with them! I got this one from the men’s section of Target which, I must say, has better Christmas sweater options than the women’s section does.

And again, I am sticking to the pug motif with this festive 3 pugs in Santa hats crewneck get up. I also wore my Hanukkah socks because I wanted to represent a bit of my Jewish side and have yet to buy an ugly Hanukkah sweater (stay tuned).

My friend and I also baked cookies, so enjoy these pictures of me playing with my food before inhaling 6 cookies. They were Nestle Tollhouse cookies which remind me of that one episode of Friends…if anyone knows what I am talking about, bless you.


4- I am a decoration

I like to call this my camouflage sweater because I blend in with the Christmas tree. I decorated this sweater myself…which I hope is obvious to you. I put tinsel down both arms, poked lights through the front, sewed stockings to hold the battery packs inside, and sewed an entire village of people and Christmas trees on the back.

I won the ugly sweater contest with this one in 2012 during my senior year of high school. I always try to find occasions to bust it out this time of year and this little super-informal, not-so-fancy look book was the opportune time!


I hope this post encouraged you to be bold this holiday season and be the talk of all the holiday parties!

Stay Ugly!



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