Wish You Were Here: Virginia Beach

August 18th 2017


A trip doesn’t have to be long to be enjoyable.

So this was my last stop on my three part trip. I last left off in North Carolina and now I’m moving on to Virginia Beach. This was the shortest stop of the 3 at only 1 day there.

I’m not a huge daytime beach goer. I’m more of a night beach person if you know me in real life. However, walking down the Virginia Beach “boardwalk” was really fun.

There were tons of beautiful statues, bright colored hotels,and interesting oddities. The strip of shops and attractions featured things like live painted hermit crabs, a haunted house, a mirror maze, dozens of ice cream shops, arcades, candy stores, and gift shops, and so much more.


For lunch we went to an Italian restaurant along the strip (I’m such a shitty travel blogger and forgot to take the name down but it was one of the only Italian places along the strip so process of elimination is what I’d reccommend) and I got an amazing caprese salad with shrimp which was super refreshing on such a hot day. After, we went back to the hotel to cool down a bit, then went back out to dinner.

I also don’t recall the name of this restaurant but I can tell you that it was the restaurant attached to the Best Western hotel along the seashore of Virginia Beach. We got some pretty nice nachos and I got myself a beef tenderloin sandwich for dinner that was pretty yummy as well.


We finished up the night by taking another walk down the strip to gift shop and get some cookie dough from an ice cream shop. I believe it was a Hershey’s Ice Cream Shop, but like I said, shitty travel blogger.

And now I’m here (two weeks earlier than this is going up_, in the car on a 5.5 hour ride to my grandparents house to get our dog followed by 2 more hours to get home. So, back to the real world!


Until next time, Wish You Were Here~


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