Bookshelf Review: You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

August 15th 2017


Money makes the world go around…

Rating: 8/10

My relationships with money hasn’t always been the best. Money has been something that has always intimidated me, stressed me out, made me feel uneasy or inadequate, etc. Money essentially abused me as much as I often abused it. So when I came across Jen Sincero’s new You are a Badass book, I had to snatch it up right away. I had read Jen Sincero’s original You are a Badass book a couple of years ago and loved it to no end, still frequently busting it out when I need a little bit of inspiration or guidance.

Her new book was essentially building on parts of the original and talked about squashing self doubt through making more money than you knew was possible. As I’ve mentioned in many previous posts now, I’m a fresh college grad who feels out of sorts in her work environment and unsure what she actually wants to do with her life, so this book was made for someone like me…or someone like you…or someone like your neighbor down the street…or anyone for that matter.

We all wish to unlock the secret to effortless wealth, but it takes a lot of work. Sincero writes her book in a way that is both comforting and motivational. She offers real life examples of her tried and true tactics and even talks about her own previous money struggles. Overall, everything comes down to 2 things, ambition and attitude. I knew I had to shake my fear of money in order to start inviting it into my life. I also knew that reading a book wouldn’t make me money hand-over-fist overnight.

However, the book definitely helped in certain regards. First and foremost, it showed me that nothing in life is permanent. People can go from working jobs they hate at $25k a year to quitting their shit job and making six figures doing something they are passionate about. So my current location is not my final destination and that in itself made the book worth reading to me. The book also made me realize that manifestation is actually a thing and I did start seeing more $$$ in my life when I started believing there was.

I don’t want to give too much away, because I definitely recommend you read this on your own if it’s something you feel you could benefit from, but I will mention the only cons I could find in the book.

One was the fact that I wish there was a section for people fresh out of school like me who are at a loss of where to start on their money making journey. The book really catered to a general audience (which is good in many cases) and people who have been around and established in their field of work for a while. There was not much specifically for someone like myself. And my number two “complaint” is that I felt that some parts were a bit redundant. But honestly, I’ve had the same issue with other personal growth books so it isn’t a huge con and is sort of as to be expected.

Overall, I feel like this book is a great addition to anyone’s library who is looking for inspiration to increase their income.

I’m working on turning money from an enemy to a best friend for life~


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