Golden Hour & Good Books

March 8th 2016

026I’m really bad at starting these blog posts out because I never know what to say that doesn’t sound super cheesy and lame…even though I’m a super cheesy and lame person so it is sort of to be expected of me, but you don’t know me that well yet.

Anyway, today I decided to “stop and smell the roses” because I feel like I never really allow myself to slow down too much or for too long.

I started my morning off with a little yoga at my studio. I followed it up with a little alone time wandering through Target (I am proud to say that I walked out with nothing which is a major accomplishment for anyone who has ever entered a Target) and treating myself to a bagel from my favorite bagel place (because I am going to enjoy Long Island bagels as much as I can before I eventually move). To add to the whole “treat yo self” morning, I went back to my yoga studio and got a nice little facial which totally brightened my day because my esthetician is like my own personal therapist and I vent to her about life.

I think the one thing that really stuck with me at the end of my facial is that my esthetician said that people like me make her happy and remind her that there are still good people in the world. It’s an honor to be viewed so favorably in someone else’s eyes.

After I went home and relaxed with a nice cup of tea for a few hours, I met up with my friend Shannon and we went to the local preserve to take some pictures at golden hour right when the sunlight peaks through the slits between the trees and gives everything a nice glowy feeling. Here is my outfit of the day if anyone is interested:

Jacket, Shirt, Jeans, Shoes: Forever 21, Bag: Target

After wandering through the woods for a couple hours (and nearly falling into a small creek like the graceful swan I am), Shannon and I decided to grab some dinner and spend some time in Barnes and Noble. Right now I have my sights set on 3 books I want to read:


We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson: I saw this book in the psychological thriller section and I have heard of Shirley Jackson before from a youtuber I really admire and because I know she has written other gothic horror novels before. The cover art really interested me and although I don’t know much about the story, I think I am really going to enjoy it.

Nowhere Girl by Susan Strecker: I saw this book on the shelf today and something about the cover really drew me in (as you can see I judge books by their covers which my mom told me I should never do). It seems to be a crime thriller about a cold case murder of a teenage girl that gets reopened years later. I’m really trying to get more thriller novels into my life because it’s a genre I usually shy away from.

Dear Emma by Katie Heaney: This book seemed a little more my usual pace. I am a big fan of quirky novels and coming-of-age books. The book pulled some relatively good reviews and a lot of people noted that it was funny and witty which are two things I appreciate if done correctly. The book centers on a girl named Harriet who runs an advice column under the name Emma, and pretty much the experiences that go along with that.

I think that might be one of my goals for April, read 3 books. However, I really want to start reading We Have Always Lived in the Castle during my Spring break because I have it accessible to me right now, so what better time than the present!

I hope anyone who takes the time to read my rambles has a beautiful day!

Smell the roses,


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Jess, 25, yogi, believer in things, book worm, shy, aspiring human of Earth. I like to spend my time on a yoga mat, typing away with my thoughts, or taking pictures of anything and everything. Stop on by for everything from self-care to book reviews to fashion posts and more!

2 thoughts on “Golden Hour & Good Books

  1. I hope after finished the target you set, it kinda motivate you to move further… I like your post… Keep writting.. 🙂


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