The Bell Jar

January 29th 2017

So I am making an attempt at a new personal project this year where I try to read at least one book a month in order to expand my mind (I know I said I wouldn’t make a resolution, but this is more of a loose personal project). This month was The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.

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Badasses, Castle Dwellers, and Time Beings

April 10th 2016


Lately I’ve sort have been on a reading kick. I get into these kicks a few times a year where I read a few books then stop reading all together for a really long while until I find a new good book and get flung back into my reading obsession. I’m trying my best to remain consistent with a lot of things including my reading, because I tend to phase in and out of my obsessions with things or even just healthy habits.  That’s why this year, I have become determined to stay on track with my reading and read some classic books and novels as well as books I wouldn’t normally think to pick up, in order to broaden my mind a bit and keep it open to new ideas.

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Golden Hour & Good Books

March 8th 2016

026I’m really bad at starting these blog posts out because I never know what to say that doesn’t sound super cheesy and lame…even though I’m a super cheesy and lame person so it is sort of to be expected of me, but you don’t know me that well yet.

Anyway, today I decided to “stop and smell the roses” because I feel like I never really allow myself to slow down too much or for too long.

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