What The Summer Has Taught Me 2020

September 26th 2020

I got so wrapped up in the pacing of life that I almost forgot to share what I’ve learned this Summer!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know these “what I’ve learned” posts are something I gravitate back to a lot. There is just something about putting things I’ve learned into words that really reinforces that I have truly learned something. If you want to go back and read someone my old ones of these posts, here they are:

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Well, welcome to the 5th Anniversary Special Edition of “What The Summer Has Taught Me”! This one is going to be…the same as the rest. I can’t say I have unlocked the secret to eternal youth or ended world hunger or discovered the path to pure, uninterrupted happiness. But I CAN say that I did learn a lot in the past 4 months that I am really excited to share! So let’s cut this long-winded introduction and move onto the point of the post:

  • Sometimes the best thing for you is the thing you didn’t think you wanted- This is a real “4 of cups” lesson right here for anyone who is familiar with tarot and reads that card the same way I do! I feel like the best things have happened to me since I’ve realized that the things I was being offered and didn’t want, were actually what was best for me. I’ve been hit with a lot of “I didn’t know I needed this to happen” moments this summer and it has been really really great. Sometimes the Universe knows what is best for you before you are ready to admit it to yourself.
  • Do not stay in situations that disrupt your inner peace- This was a hard lesson for me to learn and I am still learning, but there are just some things in life that aren’t meant to be hard. I have spent a lot of time in my life in situations that put a lot of stress and pressure on me and really hurt my quality of life because I wasn’t willing to stand up and make a change. If a situation is causing you more stress and disease than good, rock the boat. It is better to lose something and regain your peace than stay quiet and lose yourself.
  • Never EVER EVER water yourself down to make people like you- Being back in the dating game has really made me super aware of ways I used to tone myself down in order to gain the approval of other people. You should NEVER feel like you can’t be your full self around the people who are supposed to love you for who you are. If you catch yourself turning off parts of your personality or downplaying your passions and interests to make someone else more keen of you, get out. Do not subject yourself to a life of being half of who you truly are or someone you aren’t entirely.
  • Say “yes” more- I made a friend this summer who has really pushed me out of my comfort zone and has been trying to train me to be a bit more extroverted. And while I don’t think I can ever be a full extrovert, I do like the chance to explore and let loose a bit with someone who makes me feel safe and comfortable doing so. I spent a couple of months saying no to him until I finally budged and I honestly don’t regret the opportunity to get to know someone new while exploring the city in safe, socially-distant ways.
  • Sometimes you’re not going to be motivated, do it anyway- I fully admit that I am still learning this one (clearly), but sometimes you need to push through not being motivated in order to get back to a place where you are again. I lost a lot of motivation to exercise and write towards the end of the summer so I am making it up now by pushing myself a bit more so that I can get back into the groove a bit.

What are some things you have learned during this middle portion of the hell that is 2020? I would love to hear some other lessons that I may be able to relate to too or just some fun stuff you’ve learned that you are willing to share!


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