Let’s Explore Together: Sea Life Aquarium

July 19th 2019

Taking a little time to explore a world underwater~

In my quest to explore a little bit of what my area has to offer before I start working, I decided to take a little morning trip to the local aquarium. The Sea Life Aquarium is a small aquarium in my local mall that I saw when I first got here and I have been waiting to find a day to explore it and figured the a weekday morning would be the best time to avoid any crowds.

The Sea Life Aquarium is relatively small and was highly targeted at kids, but I still had a great time exploring the different fish and creatures they had to offer. I don’t really have much to say, but here are a list of some takeaways from the day:

  • The museum took roughly 45 minutes to go through, so it great for a quick trip or a place to take small children with short attention spans
  • I saw a puffer fish and screamed about loving it and it smiled at me
  • I touched a starfish (gently) and it was squishy
  • I saw a rescued turtle, its name was Neptune

Here are some pictures I took during my day at the aquarium!:

I had a nice time, but the next aquarium on my list to see is the Georgia Aquarium which should have so so much more to explore! But for now, thank you for exploring another little piece of my new home with me!



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