My Health & Fitness Journey: July Update

July 3rd 2019


It has been one month since the beginning of My Summertime Health & Fitness Journey which means it is time to give a little check in.

I feel like the best way to hold myself accountable for getting in shape and taking better care of my health is to write about it, so I decided that today would be the perfect time to give a little update as to how I have been doing. I have been going to the community gym for one month now and do see some growth in terms of reaching my fitness goals.

My biggest goal has been my upper body strength. I have gotten into doing the assisted bench press machine whenever it is available and I think I am doing about 3 sets of 10-15 reps at 40 lbs currently, but would love to be at around 50 by the end of the summer. I think if I keep working at it, it’ll definitely be doable. However, in terms of increasing my weight and hitting goals, leg presses have really been where I have been thriving. I have reached the point where I can press 200 lbs with my legs which is totally amazing and I never expected that out of myself.

I have also been taking some classes to balance out my gym workouts. I go to the gym most days, started taking a stretching class on Monday nights a couple of weeks ago, and pop into Wednesday evening yoga whenever I have the chance (but that will change once I start working). For now, I am sticking to classes offer in the community I live at with my family, but once I move out, I plan on finding myself a good yoga studio or fitness studio to attend so I can meet more people my own age and take some yoga classes that challenge me more.

In terms of cooking, I will admit that I haven’t gotten that down yet. But I have been improving on cutting down the carbs. I don’t eat bread that often and I try to limit how often I eat pasta, wraps, or rice. I know I could be doing better, which I plan to focus on more moving forward. I have also gotten better at cutting down on sugar for the most part and save sweets for special occasions. However, I didn’t stop myself from enjoying Krispy Kreme when we got it either, haha.

My goal for the next coming month is maintain a good workout schedule even if I start working, get better at planning meals to prep, exercising more at home on my own, and cutting down on unnecessary carbs.

Overall, I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be but I definitely think I am on a good track so far. Hopefully I will have more exciting news to share in the next update, but for now, this progress is enough for me!




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