How To Get Over April Showers

April 17th 2019

Enjoy this post I almost forget to write because, ironically, today has been a sunny day~

I find that the weather of April puts me in a bit of a funk. I find that I am not motivated to dress up as much as usual, the rainy days encourage me to curl up in bed instead of being productive, and the dreariness seems to put everyone in a bit of a mood. However, I have found that there are some good ways to embrace a positive spring mood in the midst of April Showers.

The first thing I try to do during April’s rainier period is embrace what little time I can get outside. My friend and I like to take lunchtime walks during work if the weather is holding up enough because, despite the gloom of overcast weather, the temperature has still been pretty nice. Stepping outside for even just a few minutes of fresh air really keeps me going during this wet and gray month.

The next thing I like to do is focus my attention on my intentions and doing a little spring cleaning both physically and mentally. I like to tidy up, clean out spaces, and focus on my intentions. I find that I get into reading a bit more during springtime because I can read indoors but also indulge in some outside reading when the weather permits. Since April Showers bring May Flowers, I try to use this month to sort of cleanse myself of my winter broodiness. Think Coming Clean by Hillary Duff (haha)

The most important thing I do during a gloomy month like this is I focus on making the most of my time even if I am stuck indoors. I go to the movies, spend time with friends, go shopping, and take small moments to appreciate where I am. I can get really down when the weather is oppressive, but I find that spending my time in fun and distracting ways really helps keep my mood up!

Just remember that the rainbows come after the rain and that even the rainiest of seasons will end with a good sunny day.

Happy Spring!


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