Winter Must-Haves – Blogmas Day 14

December 14th 2018


Getting prepared for the chilly winter ahead~

Since I already went through my winter favorites and my winter fashion essentials, I thought it would be great to dive into some of my non-clothing related must-haves for the cold months! To me, a must-have is anything that I feel enhances my experience of a season or helps me survive a season. So, in other words, there are “must”-haves and must-haves.

  1. A Signature Drink- This is something I would qualify as a “must”-have. I like to have a signature drink order to get me through different seasons. Although my all year drink order is a chai latte with soy milk, I like to sprinkle in some seasonal favorites here and there. I think my signature winter drink is a hot chocolate with a pump of peppermint to bring in the holiday cheer. I don’t like coffee so I find I have to be a little more creative when finding my seasonal staples!

  2. Chapstick- My chapstick of choice is actually Baby Lips. I know that’s very 2008 of me, but I just love Baby Lips. The lip balm is super moisturizing and a lifesaver on dry, sore, and cracked lips! They even have a Doctor Rescue line which are cooling for really bad winter lips. Plus, they come in tinted and untinted so you can use them to keep lips moisturized while looking like you put a little effort into your lips that day.
  3. Texting Gloves- It is too cold to keep your hands out in the open during the winter, especially in the mornings! Texting gloves are perfect because they keep your hands warm and you don’t have to worry about losing the ability to use your phone while outside. Getting good smartphone-friendly gloves is really a game changer.
  4. Processed with VSCO with t1 presetWinter Candles- Again, this isn’t really a necessity, but it really helps me get into the spirit of winter. You see, my family doesn’t buy real Christmas trees and instead we use a fake one. Although it definitely saves us the hassle and clean up, it is missing that really good pine tree smell. That is why I love lighting up some winter candles for the holidays to bring in the festive scents without the hassle!
  5. A Weather-Safe Bag- Winter weather is unpredictable depending on where you live. Where I’m from, it can snow in the morning, rain in the early afternoon, and by late afternoon it could be sunny. That is why having a bag that is safe in all types of weather is a MUST. You don’t want to ruin a good bag by getting it wet with snow and rain. So having a bag that is faux leather or canvas is much safer than having a real leather or suede bag.
  6. Spare Socks- I like to carry around a pair of spare socks during the really intense winter months. When it rains or snows unexpectedly, you might not be prepared with really functional footwear which could result in soggy socks. Not only does this feel gross, but it is also bad for your feet. A pair of spare socks will keep your feet nice and toasty warm and prevent cold, itchy, and damp feet.
  7. An Emergency Bag- This is something I started doing in college. Whenever there was a chance for snow in a forecast, no matter how little, I would pack pajamas and a spare outfit just in case I was stranded at a friend’s house or dorm. It really came in clutch a lot. Plus having a spare outfit is useful in general for the same reason as having spare socks.

When you’re prepared, you can enjoy winter to its fullest! What must-haves do you think I missed?


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