Winter Style Staples – Blogmas Day 7

December 7th 2018


Step into winter in style!~

With every new season comes new fashion trends. However, I always have this list of essentials in the back of my mind. New seasons bring new challenges when trying to dress in a way that is both cute and functional. For winter, the big challenge is staying warm without looking slouchy. Here are a few essentials that I use to keep my wardrobe feeling functional and fab!

  1. Coats- An obvious essential for anyone living in a cold climate, but coats are not only functional, but can really add a lot to an outfit. Owning coats in varying cuts, colors, textures, and thicknesses can help ensure that you have tons of diversity when getting dressed in the morning. If you’re gonna have to cover up your cute outfit, might as well cover it with something that is cute as well!

  2. Blanket Scarves- My favorite multipurpose fashion accessory is a blanket scarf. Blanket scarves can be worn a multitude of ways and they are great for cold classrooms and offices because they can double as a blanket! I wrote a post last year about my love for blanket scarves, that’s how essential I find them to be.

  3. Fuzzy Socks- Fuzzy socks are so underrated. I love wearing a cozy pair of fuzzy socks at all times during the winter. They are great for under boots on snowy days and also great for just snuggling up and watching movies. Most of your heat leaves through your feet and your head, so a good pair of socks really do a lot!
  4. Hats, Earmuffs, Head Wraps, and More- Like I just said, you lose most heat through your head and feet (look at that rhyme!) so keeping your head and ears covered is really important. But don’t let hats be a bummer and keep you from being creative with your look! Earmuffs are a great way of avoiding hat hair, head wraps are great for days where you want to keep your hair up, and hats are a great accessory all on their own! Plus, I even have a hate that has a hole in the top for buns and ponytails!

  5. Combat Boots- Combat boots have been on my fall and winter essentials list for years! Combat boots are great because they keep your ankles warm, are super durable, and really cute when paired with anything from leggings to jeans to dressed and skirts! Not to mention they come in a variety of colors and patterns to match with any look!

What are some of your winter fashion essentials!?


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