Blogtober Day 19: Why I Love Halloween

October 19th 2018

Why I find that is fun to be spooky all year round~

A large reason I started this series is because of my love for Halloween. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I also find that it is a time in which I am most inspired to create content. So today, I decided I would sit down and explain a little bit about why I love Halloween and how Halloween has sort of shaped me as a person in a way.

You see, my love for Halloween isn’t a new thing. I grew up getting really excited about any excuse to dress up and enjoy free treats. Halloween started out as an excuse to eat candy then, as I got older, it was an excuse to wander the neighborhood unsupervised with friends, then, as I got even older, it became an excuse to watch movies and spend time with friends. Overall, Halloween has always meant one thing to me, I could be creative.

Before I started writing as much as I do now, I used to seek creative outlets wherever I possibly could. Halloween has been and still is one of my favorites. You see, Halloween is the time in which you can literally be whoever or whatever you want to be for one day of the year (or multiple days if you’re festive like I am). I used to pride myself on being prepared with costume ideas as early as February and I always tried to find the most unique and creative costumes possible. Sometimes, I tried so hard that the day of Halloween actually arrived and I was no longer satisfied with my costume.

However, no matter what I chose to be, I was always excited to put a creative spin on things. I am a huge handmade costume person. I have purchased a few “from the store” bagged costumes and not only are they cheap, they also feel so unoriginal to me. No hate to the people who buy a costume and call it a day, I just don’t roll like that.

I love to make it my personal mission to pull together all the pieces of a costume I need to create a fun and creative look. So even if someone else is the same thing as me, we won’t be exactly the same.

Another thing I love about Halloween is that everyone else is expressing themselves creatively too. I find that I learn so much about people from how they dress on Halloween. For example, if you show up to a costume party without a costume, then I have just learned that you’re a big weenie…I’m kidding (sorta). But I really love seeing the creative things my friends come up with.

Most of all, I love Halloween because it brings people together. When we think of holidays that bring people together, most people think of Thankgiving or Christmas. But Halloween really is a time that brings people together to laugh, be creative, be spooky, and just have a lot of fun that isn’t too serious.

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?


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