Blogtober Day 13: Watching The Leaves Change

October 13th 2018

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A brief chat about nostalgia, life, and trees~

Something about fall time leaves me feeling really nostalgic. When I drive down the wooded road towards work and see the leaves begin to change, I get transported back to past falls driving down the same road as falling leaves cascade off my windshield. It’s crazy how certain things can unlock so many memories. Seeing the leaves change brings me back to drives with friends to pumpkin patches far away, a trip to the mountains for a yoga festival, and many many apple picking adventure.

But if there is one thing I’ve noticed about these memories and the time of year in which the leaves change, it is that I find it is also the time when I feel I change the most. I mentioned this briefly in my post, The Second “New Year”, but I really feel like fall is the time where you get a second chance to start over.

I enter fall setting new goals, formulating new plans, and tossing around new ideas. It is a time of new hope and ambition. Fall isn’t even half through and I can already feel myself changing. I’m not really sure in what way, but I feel like a tree who is shedding it’s old leaves before spring so I can make room for new growth.

I think that is what I love most about fall, that I find it so much easier to let go than ever before. And, as of late, I feel like letting go and moving forward is more important than ever for me. I have so many big changes coming up, that making room to grow is so necessary. I am a big believer in cutting out people, things, and beliefs that no longer serve me in order to grow…fall is the natural embodiment of that.

I think the best way to practice this cycle of letting go, changing, and inviting growth is by writing them out visually so you can be constantly reminded.

  1. I am going to let go of guilt for things that are beyond my control or not my doing.
  2. I am going to change how I view myself and talk to myself.
  3. I am going to invite in new growth by embracing the power of manifestation.

My goal for this first list is to let go of negative thoughts about myself, change my attitude, and invite in abundance.

  1. I am going to let go of self-serving beliefs that are holding me back.
  2. I am going to change how I approach or address problems.
  3. I am going to invite in growth by facing problems effectively instead of avoiding or deflecting.

My goal for this list is to hold myself accountable instead of allowing myself to make excuses that prevent my growth.

  1. I am going to let go of my defeatist attitude.
  2. I am going to change the way I view my future life.
  3. I am going to invite in growth by believing in the power of myself and my own dreams to drive me forward in life.

My goal for this list is to stopping expecting the worst before it happens and moving forward in life with hope and excitement.

I challenge you to make your own leaf list! Keep this list somewhere where you can see it regularly and hold yourself too it.

Change with the leaves~


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