Blogtober Day 12- Vacation Lookbook

October 12th 2018

Fall Fashion + Warm Weather = New Possibilities

So, a couple of days ago I posted my travel diary from my trip to Florida last week. However, I chose to keep my outfits out of it so I can share a few of my favorite looks on here.

1 // Disney Springs

Bodysuit // Forever 21
Overalls // H&M
Shoes // Charlotte Russe
Ears // Disney World

This first outfit was probably my favorite from the trip. It was super light and comfy but also really cute. I love this bodysuit with lemons on it because the pattern is really cute, and it also has bell sleeves which I feel makes it unique and eye catching!


I love these overalls from H&M because they aren’t really stiff denim. They are actually quite light and loose which I really enjoyed in the Florida heat. I also completed the outfit with these woven sandals because I feel like they are really great summer to fall transition shoes because they are breathable but not flip flops.

2 // Halloween Horror Nights

2018-10-03 06.35.55 1.jpg

Shirt // Forever 21
Flannel // Forever 21
Jeans // Target
Bag // Target
Shoes (Not Pictured) // Payless

This next outfit was perfect for the changing weather of Florida on a fall night. I was worried I would be too hot in jeans, however, as soon as the sun went down, I was very comfortable! I paired these high-waisted mom jeans from target which this crop top from Forever 21 because I feel like the shirt and jeans were at perfect heights to compliment each other nicely!


I tied the flannel around my waist just in case it got any chillier and it also added a bit of dimension to the look. I rounded out the outfit with this mustard wallet bag from Target. I love this bag because it is literally a cross body wallet. It has just enough room for a few cards, cash, and a pocket that is just large enough for my phone (which I ended up keeping in my pocket anyway).

3 // Park Day

Shirt // Old Navy
Shorts // Local Store
Belt // Forever 21
Shoes // Champion

This outfit was the perfect outfit for going around theme parks. It was air, breathable, comfortable, and didn’t squeeze, pinch, or tug anywhere. I’ve had these jean shorts for years and I think they are really great and super comfortable. I wore them with my Old Navy Halloween t-shirt tucked in to give the look a it more of a silhouette. I added the belt to give a bit more of a clean line between the shirt and the shorts.

I also wore a fanny pack cross body as to not conflict with the belt (plus it didn’t need to be stored in a locker). And lastly, I wore these Champion shoes for walking and I must say they are amazing. They are super light and padded on the inside for comfort. Walking in these shoes meant no sore feet of stiff muscles!


Overall, these were my top 3 looks from my vacation and I really feel that they brought fall flair to summer weather!



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