Fashion Friday: Fall Lookbook

September 21st 2018

Fall officially starts tomorrow, but I’ve been getting ready early by creating 3 looks that show how you can take on fall fashion before the weather gets chilly~

Look #1

T-Shirt // Marshall’s
Corduroy Shirt // Thrifted
Jeans // Levis
Shoes // Vans
Belt // Forever 21
Bag // Coach

This is one of my favorite looks I have put together recently. The weather was in the mid-60’s so, in my eyes, that is the perfect time to break out a pre-fall layered look. I have had this black corduroy top for over a year and was so hesitant to wear it, but once I put this outfit on, I realized it really completed the look.

I wore the Vans and the Coach bag to add pops of color that weren’t too overwhelming. I also added a double buckle belt from Forever 21 to make the waistline a bit more interesting.

Look #2

Skirt // JcPenney’s
Shirt // Macy’s
Cardigan // Forever 21
Shoes // Payless

This outfit was something I threw together on a day that was jumping between the low 70’s and high 60’s. I was at work which is kept really cold so I wore a sweater over the look to add texture and warmth. I think my favorite thing about this outfit is that it really makes me feel in touch with nature with all of the earth tones.

Look #3


Jacket // Kohl’s
Dress // H&M
Tights // Kohl’s
Boots // Forever 21

I put together this look on a particularly chilly and gloomy day. I still wanted to dress up because I had work so I took an outfit that I usually wear in warmer weather and made it fall weather appropriate. The base of the outfit was this printed dress from H&M. The dress had bits of navy, red, white, and black in it so I chose to pull out the black in this look.

I added tights and crew socks along with a pair of boots to combat the cold and the rain. I particularly love the boots because they have cut outs on the side under the buckles so you can see your socks. I will definitely get a lot of use out of these boots when it is Halloween sock season!

Lastly, I wore a denim jacket with sweatshirt sleeves because I felt it was much more cozy than a regular denim jacket, but still offered that same structured look in the torso.


I think my largest piece of advice for summer to fall fashion is just to dress for all weather. Fall is the season of unpredictable rain and temperature so it is always good to be prepared!



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