Bookshelf Review: The Book of Questions

September 11th 2018


A book that makes you think~

As much as I love a good story or some well placed advice in a self-help book, sometimes I just want to read something that makes me think. Although, I find that all books have the potential to provoke thought and interesting discussions, sometimes I feel like a book that you can pick up and put down whenever you want to think, is something really worthwhile.

I have always been a fan of those self-reflection journals and diaries and things, but I often feel that the questions asked are too personal and, despite allowing me to express my feelings, don’t leave much room for profound thought. However, one day I came across The Book of Questions and found exactly what I had been hoping for. This book offers a wide variety of ethical and emotional questions that really leave you thinking.

I pick it up every so often when I really want to wrack my brain. I also think the book lends itself nicely for journal and writing prompts. I have actually considered opening up the book and asking a few questions to myself and whoever decides to read and partake with me for a series of posts.

Some of the questions in the book also give me Black Mirror vibes because they really touch on the relationship between humans and technology. However, other questions are really a question of morals, think of the old “push a button that kills one person but saves 50” dilemma.

Overall, I give the book 3.5 out of 5 stars because it makes me think, but I also think some of the questions can get a bit repetitive.

However, I would still love to share a few thought provoking questions on my blog sometime soon!


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