Fashion Friday- Vacation Lookbook

August 31st 2018

I little dive into what I wore on my summer vacation!

With summer winding down, I decided it would be a great time to take a look back at my trip to Florida and Disney to explore what I wore! I’ve realized that I didn’t explore summer fashion much on my blog and wanted to give Fashion Friday Summer Edition one last hurrah before I bombard y’all with fall stuff!

If you haven’t already, check out my travel diaries for Florida and Part 1 of Disney and follow for the remaining 3 Disney park travel diaries that will be going up this September!

Without further ado, here is what I wore on vacation:

No better way to start a travel look book than with a little airport outfit!

Shirt // Plato’s Closet (originally Forever 21)
Leggings // Kohls (Vera Wang Leggings are the best in terms of price vs. durability, in my opinion)
Cardigan // Kohls
Shoes // Payless
Bags // Primark and Zulily

I really feel this was an ideal travel outfit because it was comfortable on the plane, didn’t ride up, and wasn’t too warm from my destination so I didn’t feel like I was going to die when I got there. I got my shirt at a resale shop called Plato’s Closet, but it was originally from Forever 21 and I honestly get so many compliments about it because there is a really cool mesh cut out in the front. I feel like it made the outfit look less plain and more edgy while still keeping the comfort in check.

The next outfit is what I changed into when I got to my grandpa’s condo. I wore this out to some shops and out to dinner for my grandpa’s birthday. I feel it was an incredibly comfortable and versatile outfit.

Shirt // Kohls (Lauren Conrad Collection)
Shorts // Kohls (Lauren Conrad Collection)
Sunglasses // Betsy Johnson
Shoes (Not Pictured) // Gladiator Sandals from DSW Shoes

I really love this outfit because it was incredibly comfortable while still feeling really put together. My only complaint is that I suck at accessorizing and I also don’t pack jewelry to go away with, but I feel like a nice necklace or bracelet could really add to the look and make it look more put together. Also, I just really love Lauren Conrad’s Kohls collection.

Wrap Shirt // TJMaxx
Shorts // (They were previously my mom’s and nanny’s before they were mine, so I don’t know)
Shoes //  Gladiator Sandals from DSW Shoes

I love this outfit because it was super comfortable and airy but still really cute. I really felt more country than tropical, but I love the outfit anyway. I especially love the wrap top which I remember jumping at at TJMaxx because it was so unique and lays so nice on both myself and my mom.

I rocked two outfits on this day because we went down to the beach!

Bathing Suit // Target
Shorts // Same as above outfit
Cover up // Lord & Taylor
Shoes //  Gladiator Sandals from DSW Shoes

I really like how this look came together. The bathing suit really looks nice as a body suit and if it weren’t for its glossy bathing suit texture, I would probably wear it out like this more. But for the beach, I felt it was okay. I thrifted the cover up and thought that it was so cool for find some old Lord & Taylor. This cover up was actually an XL but it made it just oversized enough to be a cute beachy cardigan.


I didn’t get any really pics of my outfit for this day so this is what you get, sorry!

Dress // Urban Outfitters

Don’t sleep on the Urban Outfitters sale section. I got this really cute mock-wrap dress for $20. I feel like it is great for summer and fall. My only complaint is that it runs a bit big, so it is the tiniest bit too big for me which sucks as I am trying to lose even more weight.

Now onto my Disney Springs outfit!

Romper // Marshall’s
Shoes // Payless
Ears // Disney

Disney was a 3 hour drive from my grandpa’s condo and this is what I wore for the drive. The romper is comfortable, breathable, and really light. I didn’t have any issues in this outfit and I honestly probably would have worn it again to the parks if I didn’t already have outfits planned.

Shirt // Target (Props to you if you know who Powerline is)
Shorts // Same Hand me down listed before
Shoes // Champion
Ears // Disney

I think what I really want to highlight in this outfit are the shoes and the t-shirt. The shoes I am wearing but Champion are SO comfortable. They were on sale when I bought them and they are the lightest shoe I’ve ever worn. I say they are a great alternative to expensive athletic sneakers. Also, my shirt is from the men’s Disney section of Target where they had tons of sort of retro style Disney merch. PS my ears are one of the new Halloween ears at Disney for 2018.

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

Shirt // Marshall’s
Shorts // Forever 21
Shoes // Champion
Ears // Disney

I loved this outfit because this was my first real attempt at Disney Bounding. I bought these red suspender shorts on impulse a while back and thought they’d be perfect for Disney! They are comfortable and my only complaint is that the shoulder straps were too long so they often fell down. Otherwise, I found this to be a cute and fun “in the park” look.


I didn’t take too many pictures of my final days in Florida, but here is an old fashioned mirror OOTD for you.

Shirt // Macy’s
Shorts // Marshall’s
Shoes //  Gladiator Sandals from DSW Shoes
Cardigan // Kohls

This outfit was really just for the ride back to the condo. I love this outfit and wear it a lot at home because it is comfortable but looks like I made an effort despite the fact that the shorts feel like Pjs.


I hope you enjoyed my trip and outfits and stay tuned for even more fashion content as fall makes its way in!



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