1 Item 3 Ways- Sneakers

May 25th 2018

1I3W- SNeakers.jpg

Yeah, that’s right, it’s sneaker night! -Vanessa Hudgens

A simple  pair of sneakers is an amazing thing to keep in your wardrobe. It is a common misconception that sneakers are only to be worn as knock around shoes, but really, when styled correctly, sneakers can be warn almost anywhere!

In these 3 looks, I am going to show you how to turn sneakers from a lazy day staple to something that can add a bit of playfulness to any outfit. Rethinking how you wear things is a great way to “shop your closet” and breathe new life into what feels like a tired wardrobe.

1. Soft & Girl


Dress // Forever 21

Sneakers // Target

Sunglasses // Betsy Johnson

Bralette // Free People

This first look is the perfect blend of whimsical and feminine. When I purchased this wrap dress from Forever 21, I knew it would be a great piece in my wardrobe to dress up or down. Since I was at work on this day and I work in a very casual environment, wearing some nice white tennis shoes really helped pull this outfit together.

This outfit would be perfect for walking on the boardwalk at the beach or going on a picnic in the park. I also think this is a perfect casual summer date outfit because the dress makes the look more soft and girly while the sneakers make the look playful and functional!

2. Take a Hike


Sneakers // Vans

Jeans // Forever 21

Shirt // Plato’s Closet (but originally from Forever 21)

Jacket // Strawberry

During the spring and summertime, one of my favorite things to do is take nature walks in the local preserve. When I don’t wear my running sneakers, I always gravitate towards my Vans. I never used to understand the hype around Vans until I got myself a pair and I must say they are worth the hype. They are so comfortable and incredibly flattering on. It is weird to call a pair of shoes flattering but it’s true.

I also find the edginess of Vans to be great to bring  together an outfit with a lot of denim and dark tones. I would love to buy more pairs of Vans so I can explore other ways to style them, but for now, I am happy with my one trusty pair!

3. Preppy & Fun


Sneaker Flats // My Mom’s Closet (lol my guess is Payless)

Jeans // Forever 21

Flannel w/ Pearls // H&M

Sunglasses // Betsy Johnson

This last look is more preppy than I usually go for but I really liked how it came together. I think the sneakers took it from looking really businessy to looking more preppy and fun. However, if I swapped out these sneakers for the Vans from my previous look, I feel like this outfit would be more edgy. Sneakers can really influence the style of an overall look.

I know this post is supposed to be about sneakers, but I also just want to say that I LOVE this button down flannel from H&M. You may not be able to tell from the pictures but it has pearls sewn on to the ton half by the chest and shoulders. It is also incredibly light for flannel material so it is great for warm days while still having all the softness of a regular flannel!


I hope this little lookbook inspired you to look at sneakers differently. How will you be styling sneakers this summer?


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