I Recreated Paul Abrahamian’s (Deadskull) Instagram Photos~

March 25th 2018


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I am a girl, I don’t have a beard, I only have 2 tattoos, and I don’t live in California….but I tried my best.

Hi, my name is Jess, I am 23 years old, and I have taken on yet another overly ambitious blogging project that has ruined me slightly. In all seriousness though, I have been seeing this “Recreating ______’s Instagram for a Week” trend going around YouTube lately and I figured I would jump on before it died.

I have seen a lot of girls doing female celebrities and influencers so I decided to challenge myself and do a male one. I have always admired Paul’s Instagram feed for its consistency and overall aesthetic, as mine is a bit all over the place (@heyyitsjessiiix, shameless plug). Paul is also one of my favorite former Big Brother players, so I figured I would pay tribute to him in the dumbest way I know how (Sorry, Paul, if you’re reading this, lets be pals or something…you’re rad).

Okay, without any further introduction here are 6 moderately shitty recreations of @Deadskull Instagram photos:




I thought I would start with the shittiest one in my opinion, just so we can only go up from here. I honestly tried my best but the facts you must know about this picture is that:

  1. It was 33 degrees out when I was taking this. And within less than 24 hours of taking this almost 15 inches of snow decided to bury most of the island.
  2. I HATE wearing tank tops.
  3. Angie’s glasses were too big for my tiny pea head.
  4. I was having so much difficulty showing my teeth while sticking my tongue out.

But overall, this picture wasn’t too dreadful and if it had been warmer, then maybe I would have gone back out and tried to get a better one! I think this one is a solid 6/10 for effort.




This one turned out pretty okay in my opinion! If Angie finishes editing the video we made behind the scenes of us taking our photos for our separate projects, you may get to see the process of taking this. Here are some fun facts about this photo.

  1. Angie is almost 6 feet tall and I’m only 5’4″ so I was drowning in her bomber jacket.
  2. My car is an automatic, so I am staring down at my gearshift trying to look focused on nothing.
  3. My Lexus looks nothing like a cool vintage car.
  4. I can’t furrow my brow like Paul…so I sort of just look dead inside.

Not gonna lie, I am really proud of how this turned out in terms of consistency and I’d give it an 8.5/10. I am also pretty happy that I could be in my car and not outside in this one.




I did this in my room one night because I thought “huh, this should be easy enough!” I have never been more wrong in my life. I think it took me 45 minutes to get this photo. You never realize how hard it is to recreate a position that is just natural for someone else. Fun facts time:

  1. Off screen is a pile of laundry I didn’t want to put away…so I just piled it up out of sight…but I promise I put it away after! Mom, I know you read these sometimes, I put away the laundry!
  2. PAUL HOW DOES ANYONE SIT LIKE THAT!? This position managed to hurt the side of my feet, my hips, and my left arm. And this isn’t the only time where I questioned how Paul sits in the making of this post.
  3. My mirror fell on top of me twice while trying to take this photo.

I am pretty proud of how this turned out and this is one of the only photos I took for this that I would actually consider posting just for my own feed because I don’t look awkward. I am rating myself a 9/10 for my pain and suffering.




This is another one that I honestly just like as a photo. It was also the easiest and quickest to recreate…which is good because, need I remind you, it was 33 degrees out and started hailing out about 45 minutes after this. Fun fact time:

  1. I wore my grandma’s old Hawaiian shirt for this photo and this is the first time I have ever found a use for this shirt…but I have come to realize I actually really like it.
  2. I am against a wall of a Planet Fitness and quite a few people going to the gym walked by and noticed me looking like a weather confused dumb ass having a photo shoot outside of a gym.
  3. My highlight looks bomb in this photo so, even if Paul never sees this post, I have something to be proud of because damn I’m glowing.

I rate this one a 10/10 for putting myself through a level of social humiliation for the sake of consistency.




Okay, so this one was pretty similar with a few noticeable discrepancies. The one thing that bothered me the most is that my foot is turned up a little too much…however, I did take more photos after this that were better but my hair looked best in this one…so I decided to be selfish. Here are some things you should know about this photo.

  1. Yet again, how the fuck do you sit like this Paul? This killed my pelvis.
  2. It was daytime and the shed was white so I had no shot getting the background color right, but it was close enough.
  3. I was going to take pictures by Angie’s fence…but there was snow on the ground so that killed that plan. Did I mention IT WAS 33 DEGREES OUT?!
  4. If you zoom in, I look like I started realizing stuff about my life in the middle of this photo.
  5. Angie’s rings are too big on me and at some point in the day I flung one off my finger at her.

Overall, I rate this one a 8/10. Pretty alright considering the circumstances.




Last but not least, this one. I tried super hard and it was a really good attempt in my opinion. I also think this has some good fun facts.

  1. Angie and I are idiots and forgot the rolling paper so I used a receipt from my purse that I rolled for effect.
  2. We accidentally took the wrong aviators from Angie’s house and they were even bigger than the ones from my first photo, so I couldn’t look too far down without losing them.
  3. This photo was taken about 15 feet away from the one at Planet Fitness because I wanted the scenery to look slightly different because I’m annoying.
  4. I look like a vacation dad.
  5. I’m mad that my coat is slightly too close to my right leg in this photo but I’ll live.

Overall, I give this an 8.5/10 because I tried really hard to get the pose perfect and the outfit and I think the location and angle were the best I could have asked for.


I am pretty proud with how my ambitious little project turned out. Paul, if you’re reading this, keep doing what you’re doing and I will continue to not do what you do because I’m a big miss. To anyone else reading, thank you for taking the time to watch me fail so hard I succeeded 6 times in a row! Also shout out to my girl, Angie, for being the best damn photographer ever and for not getting mad when I ask to take the same photo 10 more times because my foot doesn’t look right just to choose one where my foot was wrong anyway.

Let me know if I should do this again and if so, with who?


Here is some behind the scenes courtesy of LunaBirdBeauty on YouTube:

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