Fashion Friday- OOTD: Where is Spring?

March 16th 2018


No seriously, where that warm weather at?

Okay, so originally, when I was planning out posts, I had every intention of creating a cute little spring lookbook…but the weather hasn’t exactly gotten the memo. There have been 2 “snow days” in the past week and a half, and the weather has not exceeded 45 degrees in weeks. So crushed were my hopes of pretty spring outfits…at least for now! However, lucky for me, I got some cute pics of my outfit from International Women’s’ Day and I thought I’d share!


Shirt // Primark
Pants // Forever 21
Boots // Target
Jacket // Primark

Although I don’t love how I look in any of these pictures, I still really liked my outfit this day. My main goal of the day was to wear something cute for International Women’s Day because every woman should use that day as an excuse to feel beautiful and powerful.

The coat I wore with this outfit is one of my favorite coats and I actually found it hiding on a rack in Primark for $5. This coat was destined to be mine because it was put in the wrong place, was the only one in the store, and it was my size. I personally love the hounds tooth plaid pattern and the frills make it really interesting. I think it is a really great piece for both fall and spring because it pairs nicely with dark fall colors and it edges up lighter colored outfits.


The t-shirt was the real star of the show here and I was so pumped to wear it. It was also from Primark and also outrageously inexpensive. Again, not a huge fan of my appearance here because the photo required my to shift my torso really awkwardly, but at least you can see the details and the quote on the shirt…and that’s what matters!


Overall, this outfit was really cute, comfortable and simple as well as a nice subtle way to pay tribute to my fellow ladies for International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month!


So that is it for this OOTD but hopefully I will be back soon with a spring lookbook!


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