A Special Thank You

February 27th 2018


I want to end my birthday month by taking the time to express gratitude for all of the things I have going for me and all of the things I have yet to receive but will accept with open arms~

Gratitude is such a huge part of life that often gets overlooked. We simply think that the people and things in our lives are just inherently aware of our appreciation towards them, so much so that we often forget to acknowledge their importance in our lives all together.

This year, I made it one of my main goals to be more grateful whenever possible. That is why, in honor of my birthday and my two year blogiversary (which was yesterday), I decided to write a list of small thank yous for the things I am grateful for.

  1. My family- I have grown up around a lot of people who haven’t grown up in the most stellar of family environments which has really contributed to my own outlook and appreciation of my family environment. I am so lucky to have awesome parents who love each other dearly, a great brother, an adorable dog and extended family who cares for each other deeply. I never want there to be a day where I take any of that for granted.
  2. My friends- Growing up, I had so much trouble making and keeping friends. It is not that I am not likable, but more the fact that I just kept finding the wrong people. I am currently at a point in my life where I feel honored to be surrounded with the people I have in my life. Every friend I have brings something so unique to my life and I could not even begin to express how these friends have shaped me as a person. I am also so thankful for all of the times my friends have taken time out of their own lives to support me and I will do everything in my power to do the same for them.
  3. My boyfriend- Like I said in my birthday post, I hate writing about love because it is often fleeting and may not last forever, however, I cannot write a gratitude post without including him. My boyfriend has really shown me what it’s like to be loved unconditionally while also having someone to call me out on my bullshit. I love that I have a best friend like him and I am excited to see what the future brings.
  4. Yoga- I know yoga isn’t a person, but it has honestly made me twice the person I was before I started. Not only my asana practice, but my spiritual practice has contributed so greatly to my growth as a person and if yoga was a person then I would hug it (only half joking). Yoga has not only helped me stay in shape but it has also given me a confidence and comfort in my own body that I had been lacking in my life. Plus, it has now become an opportunity for new employment too which will only further my growth.
  5. My job- Right now, I am really happy with my working environment. I am happy to have the opportunity to work with a group of wonderful people and share my love of arts with the community.
  6. Writing- Writing has given me an outlet to express my feelings in a way that speaking just hasn’t offered me. I am a good public speaker but there is something so special about writing or typing out words to look back on. I thank writing for all that it has contributed to my life.
  7. My readers- Lastly, I want to thank everyone reading this. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be nearly as driven to do what I am doing. I am glad to hear that my writing has touched people and made them think. Thank you for 2 years of great writing and experiences (even though I have only been sharing my writing for one year technically). And thank you to those of you who plan to stick around. I hope that I don’t disappoint.

Here’s to 2 years and many many more~


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Jess, 25, yogi, believer in things, book worm, shy, aspiring human of Earth. I like to spend my time on a yoga mat, typing away with my thoughts, or taking pictures of anything and everything. Stop on by for everything from self-care to book reviews to fashion posts and more!

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