New Year, New You- Bookshelf Review: Flux by Orion Carloto

January 5th 2018

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“Read these words
and think
of me.

and when
you do,
I’ll be right here
beside you.”

I have been a fan of Orion Carloto’s writing for quite some time now. I came across her Twitter probably about 2 years ago at this point. She is a fantastic writer, hopeless romantic, and has amazing wit. I look at her and see a lot of myself, both who I am and who I aspire to be.

When she wrote her first book, I knew I needed to have it and hoped that the words within would resonate with me as much as what I read of her poetry and journal entries online. Her book Flux was everything I hoped it would be and more.

Flux is a collection of journal entries and poems that center around the constant state of evolution taking place in our lives. The ebbs and the flows and the romances and heartbreaks. It is a story told through the eyes of Orion, at the time burned from a love gone stale. It is the story of love, heartbreak, remorse, grief, recovery, discovery and empowerment.

It resonated with me a lot and brought me back to a time where I felt most vulnerable, when I lost my first true love. The poems Orion wrote reminded me that I am normal for putting a pen to paper and writing people into my eternity, even if it feels wrong. She reminded me that it was completely okay to not feel healed or to heal but still have scars. She also reminded me what it felt like to start to be okay again. To see things for what they really were. And that it was okay to hurt anyway.

I feel like this book helped mark a milestone in my personal growth where it took reading a book to remind me of a time and a person I once cried and yearned for every day. I have grown and through this collection of beautiful pieces, I have seen my growth.

I recommend this book to anyone who has ever had a broken heart….literally ever. This book truly speaks to the human condition, especially if you are a writer or an emotional creative who turns the people in their life into art.

Overall, my only wish is that the book were longer. Despite being 171 pages, I read it in one night…but that’s just me being selfish and over indulging. However, I do plan to read this book again just to post-it the pages I enjoyed most and enjoy the beautiful art style throughout.

What’s on your January reading list?


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