Ultimate Winter Bucket List (Pt. 2)- Blogmas Day 24

December 24th 2017


Getting things done~

So at the beginning of Blogmas I put together a list of things I wanted to try to accomplish this month so I could look back at the end to see how much I’ve accomplished! I am really happy to say that although I didn’t do everything on the list, I had a great month where I got to make tons of memories with the ones I love.

Without further introduction, here is my final bucket list review!

  1. 20171218_083830Get gifts (or make plans to celebrate the holidays) for/with all of my friends and family- I knew I had to get this done without a doubt! I am so happy that I got to spread Christmas joy and celebrate with my friends!IMG_9080
  2. Go ice skating
  3. Get my yoga teaching certification- My graduation date is January 7th, so wish me luck!20171219_143952
  4. Go to the city to see the big Christmas tree
  5. Cook a meal for my familyProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset
  6. Reunite with my friends Jess and Jess (I clearly enjoy people who share my name) – I had this done before the bucket list even went up, but I had such an amazing time seeing my fellow Jesses especially because one of them lives in Arizona. I want to make it a point to spend more time with the one who lives nearby though!20171214_203537
  7. Go to a drive through light show- This was a great night with friends and I blogged about it! Red Christmas Dessert Collage Book Cover
  8. Decorate ugly sweaters with my friends- I didn’t do this but I did do a full day in ugly sweaters blog post!20171205_170927
  9. Bake holiday cookies- Another can’t miss on the list!20171212_212106
  10. Have another movie and snack night with my friend, Angie- This was super fun and I blogged about what we made! We had a great time and had our fair share of fail moments, but it was a great time! 20171130_180230
  11. Decorate my room super cute for the season- I had decorated before the original post went up, but I got even more decorations since then. My decor collection is really growing! 20171211_173135
  12. Get a winter candle (I want my favorite scent ever, Twisted Peppermint from Bath and Body works)-  I love festive candles! This year I picked up Fresh Balsam and Twisted Peppermint. My room has been smelling like a Christmas dream ever since!20171204_172312
  13. Donate to a charity at least once- I participated in the Macy’s believe campaign to raise money for Make a Wish! Read about it earlier in blogmas!20171211_172325
  14. Give myself a break every now and then- This month was crazy busy, but I have found a little time to kick back and relax! Check out day 12 for how I enjoy a lazy night at home during the holidays!
  15. Write down all of the lessons I’ve learned this year to get ready for 2018 (Already started writing this one out, look forward to it!)- This post is all ready to go out on December 31st! So excited to share what I’ve learned!

Overall, I am beyond pleased with how everything turned out and I am so happy to have the memories to show for it. I just want this to go to show that sometimes a rough start is what you need to push you to do fun and amazing things.

What are your favorite memories from this Christmas season? I would love to hear them!


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