Tasty Holiday Treats- Blogmas Day 13

December 13th 2017

Blogmas Day 13_

The sweetest and tastiest time of year~

After having so much fun with Halloween snacks, I’m back again with some fun Christmas snacks to enjoy with friends or family this holiday season! Baking and cooking with friends is a great way to bond and make holiday memories and even better when you’re getting ready to binge out on holiday movies! I found all of the recipes I used to make these treats on Pinterest, so click the links provided to find the recipes and to support a Pinterest chef out there!

1- Christmas White Chocolate Trash Mix

This one was super easy and quick to make and was super yummy. It is like trail mix but better because everything is evenly coated in white chocolate (my personal favorite, but I don’t think much would be impacted if you swap out for your favorite chocolate). The most fun part was mixing everything up in a plastic bag…until our bag broke, haha. But overall this was super fun and could easily feed a huge crowd. My friends and I are going out to a light show on Thursday and we already planned to bring this to snack on! **Please note to be very careful what bag you choose to use. Avoid bags with harmful chemicals or fragrances***

For the full recipe and list of instructions click here 

2- Christmas Tree Spinach Dip Breadsticks

I give this recipe an A for AMAZING. My friend Angie and I were so so pleased with how this turned out. I could honestly say that I want to use the recipe for the spinach dip in the future even without the whole breadstick aspect. However, I do find the breadstick tree to be super cute and festive. We had absolutely no issues following this recipe and it wasn’t super time consuming either! 10/10 would recommend if you are looking for a good recipe to prep for a Christmas party.

For the full recipe and list of instructions click here

3- Garlic Bread

Not super festive but so so so good. My friend and I put a little twist on the recipe by not cutting complete slices but instead making the loaf tear and share. I personally enjoyed cooking the loaf like this because it keep the inside soft and gooey and really helped bring in the flavors of the garlic and spices. We also added a little mozzarella cheese between the slices as well because…well….yum, that’s why. This recipe is even simpler than the last and super good for those garlic lovers out there.

For the full recipe and list of instructions click here

4- One Pot Cheesy Chicken Alfredo

Another recipe that wasn’t too challenging was our main course of the night which was chicken alfredo with penne. Everything was in one pan so no boiling water required. I think out bigger struggle was not having a proper lid for the pan we were using. Otherwise, everything about this was great. If I could give one criticism, and this could have just been our fault, but I found the sauce to be a bit thin. I think next time we will add cheese in more gradually while cooking instead of at the end as the recipe suggestions.

For the full recipe and list of instructions click here

5- Grinch Punch


We made this one mostly because of how cute it was! I couldn’t pin down a distinct flavor in this because so much was happening but it was so yummy. However, we changed the original recipe a little to use blue raspberry lemonade koolaid instead of lemon lime because the store we went to didn’t carry it. I think it was a good choice though (we just added food coloring to make up for the lack of greenness at the end). I would also suggest to tone the sugar down a bit. 2 cups of sugar in a gallon of drink (with only 2 quarts being water) is a bit intense when the other ingredients are already naturally sweet. The recipe also suggested to sugar rim the glass which is cute for themed parties!

For the full recipe and list of instructions click here

6- Christmas Tree Brownies

Lastly, the final course that I was too full to even eat so I took it home, dessert. We made these super cute brownie Christmas trees. They were simple and quick because we used the box mix, but I don’t think you are limited in that respect. They came out looking so cute and I can’t wait to try one when I am no longer full beyond belief! These would be a super fun thing to do with kids too because it is simple and allows for some creative tree decorating!

For the full recipe and list of instructions click here

I hope these snack ideas inspired you to throw your own Christmas snack movie night! I had tons of fun making these and everything turned out awesome!


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