Getting Back in the Groove

November 19th 2017



It’s kind of like no shave November, except I can’t think of a decent blog post to save my life~

Okay, honest time, I wrote an entire blog post this morning and scheduled it because I thought I had yoga today and needed to post something, but now yoga is canceled for the day and I decided to rewrite my entire post because I thought it was utter trash. I wrote this short post about traditions and rituals (mostly because of the picture I chose to use as the header photo which I will probably save for future use) and I have to be honest, it all sounded way better in my head last night when I thought the idea up.

I started to write and everything sort of just came out like a pile of mush with no rhyme or reason and when I read it back I thought to myself, “why would anyone care to read this?” And the truth is, they wouldn’t. It was just sort of something half-baked I threw together because I had an idea that I didn’t entirely know how to execute. I want to challenge myself and come back to the idea around the holidays because I think traditions are a fun thing to talk about, but I definitely want to do it better.

This brings me to the point of this post; my crippling lack of inspiration. I sort of feel as though I have been living in a haze the past few weeks. Between holiday preparation, work responsibility increasing, concerts, yoga, social obligations, travel, event planning, and tons more, my writer brain has been sort of at a loss. And I think that is pretty crazy because I have been doing so much that I should have tons to write about but then when I sit down and try to write something, it comes out as a bunch of “blah blah blah” and “who the heck cares?”

It’s funny, I have this list of 60+ blog post idea written out in a google doc to help me when I am at a loss for inspiration, but now, I look back at the ideas and find them less than inspiring as well. At first I thought I needed a break from writing so I stopped getting ahead on posts, but now I think I’ve realized that the break was the opposite of what I needed and that I just need to write.

Once I get into a good writing groove, I am unstoppable. If I am in the writing mood, I can write 10 blog posts in a day without the slightest bit of exhaustion or creative fatigue and every word of my writing is genuine and well thought out. I have been taking too many of those days for granted recently.

I think that it’s just because November puts me in a bit of a meh mood. It is not that I hate November, it’s just that November is sort of an in-between kind of month. Halloween is over, Thanksgiving isn’t until the end of the month, and the Christmas season is starting to rear it’s jolly head slowly. November is sort of just Christmas’ waiting room.

I have been putting a lot of my creative energy into the content I am posting for Blogmas which is a huge undertaking and I explain it all in this post, but that has left me very little room for creative thought this month. I do have a few posts planned for the rest of the month, but I am really trying to improve my time management skills to be back where they used to be when I would plan 25 posts in advance and get to sit back and relax until I was inspired again.

But honestly, this is just something I love about blogging and creative media, it is all a learning process and finding out what works best for you. Now that I know what helps me thrive the most, I hope to start making more effective and quality content again and get back into the flow of good ideas and building on some of my more neglected series.

I hope this little stream of consciousness didn’t bore anyone too badly, but I like being transparent in my writing for myself and for whatever consistent audience I have. November may have been a funky month, but I am hoping that December will bring a lot of great changes to my blog.




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Jess, 25, yogi, believer in things, book worm, shy, aspiring human of Earth. I like to spend my time on a yoga mat, typing away with my thoughts, or taking pictures of anything and everything. Stop on by for everything from self-care to book reviews to fashion posts and more!

4 thoughts on “Getting Back in the Groove

  1. Hey hey!! I can’t believe you can write 10 posts in a day lol That’s a creative high hahaha But it’s good you can get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. I personally really like the pictures you add to posts, sometimes you put 3 into 1 and put like a title on them, thas really nice. Maybe sometime talk about what you use to do that? I had gotten into Photoshop a few years ago but I found it too time consuming and I don’t really have a template to follow for piks so I always leave them out.


    1. Thank you! My personal favorite site to use to edit my graphics is Canva (the one I use for collages and text on photos! Its completely free (or you can pay to upgrade which I haven’t because I don’t see the value) I also use an app called VSCO to edit the photos with filters on my phone:) sometimes I think the pictures I take can be pretty bad but with a good filter or throwing it into a collage they can improve a ton!

      And when I write 10 posts in a day I even surprise myself lol! I usually keep notes on my phone and on Google for when I want quick ideas.


      1. Thanks a lot, I will try it out. About posts that you think no1 will want to read, just post them anyway. I think true followers read everything so don’t worry too much. Sometimes it’s good to just post these for yourself. It’s your website anyway right? Hope you had a good weekend. 🙂


      2. Aw thank you very much and you too! And yeah I agree, I mostly post for me but sometimes I’ll reread a post when I finish it and think to myself how I wouldn’t wanna read it and if it isn’t too sentimental (like with the post I deleted today) I don’t bother posting it. Since its my site, I wanna put my best work out there so I can feel proud of what I look back on! But I’m definitely working on shutting off that little voice that tells me that no will care about certain posts.


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