Couples Holiday Lookbook

November 3rd 2017

0000 Black Tux

Halloween is over, now it’s time for Turkey Dinners, Christmas Tree, and tons of festive parties~

The holiday season is right around the corner and I like to be prepared. With countless parties both big and small, finding the best outfits is always on my to-do list. I personally love dressing up, but my boyfriend? Not so much. That’s why, when I came across The Black Tux holiday suit collection I knew I wanted to learn more.

The Black Tux is an amazing service that takes the leg work out of getting a perfectly fitted men’s formal wear outfit. Everything is done online! They even make it easier, by giving you resources to help you measure yourself so you get the right fit every time with the help of their Fit Specialists that are available to help you every day of the week. This takes the guess work out of tux shopping and leaves more room for fun.

Since I am super excited for the holiday season, I decided to look at their holiday collection and challenge myself to pair my own holiday looks with them to create perfect looks for a couple’s night out!

1- Thanksgiving

001 Black Tux

My Outfits:

Dress // Forever 21

Boots // Charlotte Russe

To me, Thanksgiving fashion is all about Autumn colors. To make my outfit to pair with the Ruby Velvet Jacket Tuxedo, I focused on keeping the warm ruby red in the outfit as an accent color as opposed to doing a completely red dress to keep the whole look from being overwhelming.  I feel like the fact that the jacket really pops, brings out the red and rust colors in my dress and gives the whole couple look a lot more Fall warmth.

Also, since the jacket is textured, I decided to incorporate texture into my look as well with my over the knee boots which have a warm velvety texture that really ties the look together. Overall, this outfit combo is perfect for a night with the family on Thanksgiving!

2- Christmas

002 Black Tux

My Outfit:

Dress // Marshall’s

Shoes // JcPenney’s

The fashion vibe of Christmas is both cozy and classy and I feel like these looks do both very well. I chose the Black Corduroy Tuxedo because I felt that it had a touch of coziness while still being incredibly well put together. I partnered this tux with one of my favorite velvet dresses. I kept the color scheme black because I felt like it made the whole look more clean and sophisticated.

I paired my look with an adorable pair of t-strap heels that I really feel bring the look together because they are cute and also bring in a bit of that texture from the dress and the tux. These outfits would be great for a nice Christmas dinner party with family, friends, or even at the office.

3- New Years Eve

003 Black Tux

My Outfit:

Dress // Kohls

Shoes // Payless

I found this last look to be a bit more fun because I always associate New Years Eve with a bit of extra razzle dazzle. I also find that grays and silvers are super nice for New Years to match the glitz and glam of the ball drop! I chose to pair my outfit with the Grey Mélange Tuxedo because I really feel like the many different shades of gray and find it quite eye catching.

In this outfit, I wore one of my favorite New Years dresses. In the picture it is hard to tell, but the dress is actually super textured and aside from gray, there are accents of bright green and a dazzling blue. I paired these looks together because I feel they are more than meets the eye.


Overall, I feel like all 3 outfits are incredibly versatile and use color and texture to create looks that will be sure to be a hit at the holiday parties! I hope this made you more excited for the holiday season!

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