Fall Bucket List: An Update

October 31st 2017


Have yourself a very spooky Halloween!

Happy Halloween Y’all!

Halloween is not only my favorite holiday EVER, but also the mark of an end of my favorite month of the year! So, in honor of Halloween and November’s approaching arrival, I decided that I would see how I am progressing with my Fall Bucket List and tell you a little about each thing I accomplished! ((I threw the link in there if you wanna see the original post))

  • Go pumpkin picking- I actually went pumpkin picking a couple of times this month. I got a beautiful orange pumpkin, a beautiful white pumpkin, and the gorgeous gourd I have pictured at the start of this post! I am a huge fan of unique looking pumpkins, so I love going to multiple patches accumulating a collection of cute atypical ones! Check out my cute Fall day with friends where I talk about self care here to see one of my pumpkin picking adventures!
  • Go to a corn maze- This one is a sort of yes sort of no because the one corn maze I did was a haunted corn maze at a scare park. It was still super fun and we did get lost a couple of times, but it isn’t the same as day time maze wandering!
  • Go get some Sunflowers from the Sunflower farm
  • Go Apple Picking once with friends and once with my boyfriend- I am super glad I accomplished this one because I was worried I wouldn’t have time to go with my boyfriend this year. I find apple picking to be such fun no matter who I am with though!
  • Go upstate to watch the leaves change- I love going upstate for 2 reasons, 1 is to visit my friend Tyler and 2 is because it is always so beautiful and crisp during the Fall! Check out my Wish You Were Here: Albany post for some pictures from that fun little trip!
  • Visit my friend Devan in Buffalo and help her decorate for Fall- So I am a little too late for this one, but I still want to visit Devan soon either way!
  • Learn to make homemade apple cider
  • Carve a pumpkin- Again, this is a kinda sorta yes, but not really. I painted pumpkins this year which is unusual for me because I usually carve. I painted my pumpkin to look like a cute daisy though so I can’t complain!
  • Make one of my yummy apple pies- My friends and I made an amazing apple crumble at one of our dinner nights and I have to say, I am incredibly proud of how well we pulled it together.
  • Read some books outside while the weather is still comfortable
  • Go to a haunted house…or like…5- I actually do believe I went to 5 haunted attractions which I didn’t know I was doing when I made this list. I love love love spooky stuff and although most haunted houses don’t legitimately scare me, I love a good jumpscare every now and then! ((Plus I love to admire the spooky makeup)
  • Go to fright fest (If I can find time)
  • Visit the cider mill as often as possible- I visited 2 or 3 cider mills this season, but none as often as I would have liked to. But the goal was “as often as possible” so I did uphold the obligation!
  • Watch Halloween movies any night that I have time- I did watch a few Halloween movies this month, however, I spent more time watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch than I did watching Halloween movies! Either way I think I made a good choice!
  • Decorate my room for Fall- My room looks wonderful this year and I have made so many little investments for the future in terms of decorations! I am loving the cozy but Halloweeny feel of my room.
  • Think of a good Halloween costume- Again with the yes but no. This year I was a witch, but my makeup was super cool because my friend, Angie, is a super talented makeup artist. I will post a picture at the bottom of this post so you can see it!
  • Eat tons of candy corn- No real review needed…I ate like 4 bags of candy corn.
  • Drink tons of hot chai lattes- It has been too unseasonably warm this season for hot lattes, so I have been enjoying iced chai.
  • Spend more time writing- I have been spending a lot of time on my writing this month. However, it isn’t because I am getting ahead. It is more me trying to keep up. Usually I have a dozen posts scheduled at one time, but right now I am floundering around from post to post. Working on fixing that really soon though!
  • Take more pictures- I have both taken more pictures and been in more pictures this season. Check out my instagram to see what I’ve been up to: @heyyitsjessiiix
  • Update my Fall Wardrobe- This one I’m a little disappointed in. I really didn’t update my Fall wardrobe too much this season. I still have time, but I just haven’t been inspired by much recently.
  • Go on a hayride
  • Paint mini pumpkins with friends- As I said in my carving goal, I painted a large pumpkin. So technically I missed the mark on both of these, oops.
  • Make caramel apples- My friend Angie and I made tons of yummy Fall treats in my DIY Halloween Snack post! Check it out!
  • Have a spooky fun Halloween- It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sure it will!

Happy Halloween everyone! May your day be spooky and sweet!



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