Summer-Fall Lookbook & Ethical Fashion (ft. AUrate New York)

October 22nd 2017

Pink and Yellow Pop Fashion Photo Collage

Fashion Friday on a Monday~ Learning that my wardrobe changes like the leaves~

As I have gotten older, I have learned to appreciate 2 things:

  1. Local businesses
  2. Ethical Businesses

So when I came across AUrate and saw that they were not only fashionable, but also ethical and from New York, I knew I wanted to talk a little bit about them on my blog! After some deeper research, I realized that aside from beautiful jewelry, the company was also very active in doing community projects.

For example, they have an initiative called “A Book for Your Look” where every piece of jewelry sold was a book donated to an economically underprivileged child. I find that a company that uses ethically sourced resources AND gives back to the community to be one worth talking about. And a huge plus for me is that they are a New York based company! Being a New Yorker for my entire life, I have come to genuinely appreciate New York based companies.

One of the things that really strikes me about AUrate’s jewelry is how timeless and simple it is, so I decided to show a little bit of my own timeless fashion sense and create a little lookbook of how I would transition the pieces in my closet from summer to fall (thus creating “timeless” looks). I added an extra challenge by trying to pair a pair of earrings from AUrate’s earring collection that would compliment both looks seamlessly as I transition between seasons!

1- A Little Flannel Goes a Long Way


Overalls Outfit (2)
Get the Quadripearl Ear Jackets

Okay so I’ll admit that these earrings are totally out of my price range, but a girl can dream can’t she? Anyway, I made the focal piece of this outfit the overalls because overall dresses are one of my year-round staples.


During the warmer months I usually wear these overalls from Forever 21 with bare legs and a short sleeve crop top, but as the months grow colder, I usually try to cover my legs with high boots, socks, or thick tights. To keep my arms warm, I usually gravitate towards cardigans. I love this mustard one because mustard is not only one of my favorite fall colors, but also, the length of the cardigan hits perfectly in line with the hem of the dress. I also added a big blanket scarf to add a layer of warmth for cooler days.

I paired the Quadripearl Ear Jackets from AUrate with this outfit because I feel like the multiple pearls was a cute accent to go with the multiple buttons down the front of the overalls. I also feel like pearls are super timeless and the gold looks great with the fall colors!

2- Layer Up

Flannel Outfit (2)
Get the Icon Earrings White Gold


One thing about me and my style is that I am not a huge shorts person for the summer. I usually prefer to wear jeans all year. I find these incredibly ripped jeans to be the perfect transitional piece from summer to fall because they are super holey which is great for warm days because they are extra breezy.

Flannels are one of my favorite fall staples, so much so that I even transfer them over into other seasons. I could have even worn the flannel tied around my waist for the summer outfit if I wanted to change the silhouette of the look or add a bit of texture.

I chose to pair these outfits with the Icon Earring in White Gold because I feel like they were a bit edgy and I feel like that paired really well with the edginess of the jeans. Plus, white gold is a super great color for both summer and fall and goes well with just about any outfit!

3- T-shirt Chic

Tshirt Dress
Get the Flower Earring Stud

This final look encompasses two of my favorite things; fall colors and t-shirt dresses. I find that t-shirt dresses are perfect for any time of the year if you know how to style them. I personally love this striped t-shirt dress because it hits the fall trend of stripes while still having a shape that could be good for summer as well.

To take this outfit from summer to fall, I put on my favorite green army jacket as well as some high socks and really comfy booties. I find that the olive green of the jacket ties the look together and the color of the booties really compliments the unique color of the t-shirt dress well and mirrors the color of the shoes from the original summer look.

I chose to pair these outfits with the Flower Earring Studs because I feel like flowers and floral fashion are incredibly versatile. Since the earrings are so simple, the flowers themselves don’t look to summery or too fallish. They are the perfect blend of dainty and trendy that would make them a great addition to your year-round jewelry collection!


There are tons of ways that you can transition your wardrobe from season to season, but if you have a solid accessory collection to back you up, you will be sure to be inspired. Also, check out AUrate’s site for other great pieces as well as reading more about their giving program! Click here to shop their earring collection


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