Get Spooky- DIY Halloween Treats

October 24th 2017

Halloween Snacks

Spooky snacks and more~

I love Autumn, I love Halloween, and most of all, I love food. So I figured I would combine my love for all things spooky and Fall and give you a few snack ideas for Halloween parties, movie nights, road trips or just being a lazy bum at home!

(Also, most of these recipes are no measurements because they are mostly to your personal preference or you can eyeball it and it won’t hurt your results!)


1- Caramel Apple Bites:

Caramel Apples can be messy and hard to make, but did you know that cutting your apple into slices could really help with the process? Plus this snack is great for children’s Halloween parties!

Caramel Apples.jpg

Step 1- Cut your apple into round slices, being sure to avoid the core.

Step 2- Put your slices on skewers if you’re feeling talented enough to do that and dip into caramel or baking chocolate.

Step 3- Add toppings and enjoy!

Upon trying to make this snack myself, I found that 1- Putting the slices on sticks was really hard and 2- getting the caramel to stick to the apples was also very hard. But once everything was sorted out, it turned out to be a very cute and quick Halloween treat.

2- Mummy Hot Dogs-

This little recipe is great for when you’re in a pinch and need a festive party snack!

mummy hot dogs.



My friend and I had a lot of fun making these little mummy hot dogs (although I couldn’t really get a good picture of them). It was just as simple as making regular pigs in a blanket but with a bit of a mummy twist!

3- Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treats

Okay, so this recipe turned out looking really cute and gave me a killer workout. this recipe is a quick, no-bake recipe that would be great to throw together right before a Halloween party that is rather last minute!

Pumpkin Rice krispies.jpg

So this recipe was pretty easy, but I think my friend and I let the marshmallows sit out too long because the treats became a bit dense. However, they were still delicious! Just be prepared to stir a bunch to get the marshmallows nice and fluffy!

4- Pumpkin Punch

So this next one is a drink recipe that I think my friend found on Pinterest! It is a super sweet citrus punch that would be a super great addition to any Halloween bash! Plus it is non-alcoholic so anyone can enjoy, but I think it would also be great with a little added kick.

Halloween Punch.jpg

Overall, this was incredibly quick and easy and made for a great movie watching drink during this unseasonable warm New York autumn.

5- Spider Layer Dip

I don’t know why I chose to show the appetizer last, but this spider layer dip was not only incredibly yummy, but also really fun and cute to make!

Spider Dip.jpg

This was by far the easiest recipe we did and it was also the cutest in my opinion.

Overall, it is not the food you eat or the drink you make that define your Halloween, but the friends you spend it with! I hope these gave you a bit of inspiration this fall! Happy snacking!




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