Yoga Diaries~Week 3~You Show Must Go Wrong

October 10th 2017

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“Letting go is the hardest asana”

I believe it was one of my favorite personal growth authors, Jen Sincero, who first introduced me to the idea that the path to true success and fulfillment is paved with uncomfortable risks. When I was first exposed to that concept, I didn’t really follow. Why would I need to be uncomfortable in order to reach my dreams? If I’m doing what I love, shouldn’t I feel as though I was in a warm embrace of comfort?

Well, no….sometimes to reach for what you want, you have to do some things you don’t want to do. You have to walk away from comfort and routine and make a new plan. Sometimes, the show goes wrong.

I am not a huge Parks and Rec watcher, I started it and very much enjoyed it but lost the time and patience to continue and hope to return to it one day. However, there was one quote by Andy Dwyer that really resonated with me, “the show must go wrong.” I feel like it explains a fact of life without trying to be too deep. The show must go wrong, it is actually quite simple.

Like, for example, this was supposed to be a yoga diary similar to my first two [1] [2] however, the show went wrong and now I am presenting you with something different. Without going into too much detail, the situation with my yoga training is changing, and I need to make some uncomfortable choices and take some uncomfortable risks to reach where I would like to be.

In yoga, I have spent a lot of time learning to accept change, feel less attached, and trying to master the art of letting go. This is simply a test presented to me by the universe and I am ready to rise to the challenge. I am preparing myself to take a step back, look at my life, from a standpoint of more than just yoga and figure out how I am going to move forward.

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Despite the fact that I didn’t have a full weekend of training, I have come to terms with a lot and I have learned quite a bit. For example, I have learned:

  • That change comes from letting go
  • The unity of a tribe is stronger than obstacles in your way
  • How I shouldn’t allow myself to be spoken to
  • And lastly, as previously stated, I finally saw the light and learned the great lesson Jen Sincero was trying to portray and that is, the path to success is paved in uncomfortable risks

Going back to the point about uncomfortable risks, I sort of want to go more into that, as to maybe help someone else see the same light I saw yesterday….

Say you are a small business owner, like, for examples sake, an owner of a small online independent clothing brand. Now let say, you have been working alone all this time, curating clothes from thrift stores, embellishing and transforming old thrift clothes into highly trendy current pieces. You work every part of the process. You buy, design, construct, sell, and ship all of the pieces on your own on a daily basis.

Soon, your store will gain popularity and the work load will be harder for you to balance. This is where the uncomfortable risk comes in, getting your first employee. You think your company is not worth an employee and you worry about being responsible for the pay of others, but you do it because if you don’t you have no chance of standing up to your new order load.

Things with the new employee are working amazingly. You have all of the time in the world to shop and design, while your new employee handles the photographing, listing, selling, and shipping aspect. But now, your space is getting overrun with thrift clothes. It is time to take a new uncomfortable risk and get a warehouse. A huge investment, but could up your productivity substantially. (I feel like I am just recounting the story of Girl Boss, haha)

This cycle of growth and uncomfortable risk continues and continues, and you take these risks because without them, you may still be stuck in your one bedroom apartment staying up until 3 AM filling orders.

2017-10-03 10.59.48 1.jpg

That is what happened to me with my current yoga training situation. To keep it vague, my studio canceled my training and I am being refunded my money. Unlike the previous example of the online store, my next logical step isn’t quite as clear, all I know is I want to continue training, whether it be now or within the next few months. I am also not sure if I want to continue at the studio that I have called a second home for nearly two years.

My next step isn’t clear and that makes the risks I am taking all the more uncomfortable. I will be sure to keep this story well updated for anyone interested and I am sorry that this post didn’t include more asana and spiritual teachings, but I hope my lesson benefited at least a few people.


So overall, I did not get what I was hoping to out of this weekend, but I got what I needed. Holding onto to hope for what is yet to come…


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