Daydreams & Finding Me

September 24th 2017

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And those dizzy stargazers, who dreamed of the black, kept their heads in the clouds and they never looked back~ Ryn Weaver // New Constellations

I like to tell stories in my head. When life gets too overwhelming, I think of what my life would be like if I continue to work hard at my passions and live some of my wildest dreams. I make up these stories where every conversation, interaction, experience, lesson, is all in my control. I feel like that is the best and worst part of daydreams, everything goes my way.

I love the rush of a good daydream, where I take any free moment of my time to sit and stare off into space in silence, enjoying the story I am telling myself. However, I understand that not everything will go my way. I understand that in the real world, people don’t stick to the script you wish they would. Life doesn’t always go 100% as planned and sometimes, the opportunities you wish for just don’t present themselves to you…at least, not in the ways you hoped they would.

So why daydream then? Well it is simple, daydreaming is a fantastic way to find yourself and understand your truest and deepest desires. Does it mean you will get everything you will desire just because you dream it up? No, of course not, this is a daydream, not a fairytale. But, daydreaming of the things you want is a great first step to understanding yourself.

My daydreams often consist of traveling the world, being independent and spending time in unfamiliar places alone, doing tons of yoga, meeting tons of interesting and wise people, and having enough money to support these adventures…plus I usually have a really hot bod.

Now this daydream isn’t impossible, but there are definitely specifics that aren’t possible at all. I am not going to have an endless supply of money to go gallivanting around the world teaching yoga classes. However, I CAN work hard to build up my self-branding enough to be offered opportunities to travel through yoga. I won’t be making millions of dollars, but I will be making enough to grant me the opportunities I want within reason.

I can have that hot bod I dream of too, with a lot of work and a lot less french fries. I try to make my daydreams a reflection of my potential real life. I don’t like daydreaming about things that are so outlandish that they will never happen because I will never want to wake up to my real life! My whole point in daydreaming is to make my life the life I have been dreaming about!

One of the weird recurring themes in my day dreams is exploring places alone. If you knew me personally, you would know that the idea of going anywhere new, alone, fills me with absolute dread and anxiety. Why does daydream Jessica love being alone so much?

Well, after doing a bit of soul searching, the answer is actually quite simple. I admire independent people, I almost envy them actual. The feeling of freedom and not feeling tied down to my own fear like a dog chained to a pole is something that I ache for! I look at people who just enjoy time with themselves comfortable and wish I could do the same without feeling like my skin was about to walk off my body. Another reason I feel like I spend time alone in daydreams is that I want to own my own experiences.

That sounds really weird in writing, but allow to to explain. I find that a lot of my experiences have been centered around the people I was with. I could be at a concert with thousands of people and only remember my friend standing next to me. Although the concert was an awesome experience in itself and I love my friend to death, I feel like being alone would add to the whole excitement of it all.

My most recent daydream has been about me going to the city alone, meeting someone new and interesting and exploring for the day. I almost feel like my desire to be alone stems from my desire to meet and explore the wonderful world of new people. I will admit, the person I end up meeting in this daydream, although they are a stranger in the general sense, is someone I am familiar with and admire deeply (from afar, on the internet and such, where I do the most admiring of strangers).

So this daydream follow my formula that I previously discussed, I am a yoga teacher, in the city, alone, just finished teaching a yoga class, wandered around and met this interesting person, and spent a day exploring. In this daydream, I am an accomplished yogi, blogger, and vlogger/YouTuber. To some, this may sound like some silly delusion, and maybe they’re right, but this daydream is also a huge insight to me as a person.

This dream shows that:

  1. Yoga is, above all, my true passion/dream career (despite my lofty resume and my MBA).
  2. I want independence to allow myself to explore the world around me, even the world close to home.
  3. Blogging and writing are things that I want to be known for in my future life and I want writing to remain part of my identity as long I continue to love it.
  4. I want to get back into videography. I have mentioned this in countless posts, but I really do miss making YouTube videos. It was my passion for years and it was something that I was genuinely proud of when I was younger. I feel like I have such beautiful ideas to share and my daydreams are just fueling that fire even more.

So I challenge you this, take some time, either in the comments section (because I love reading people’s insights) or in a notebook or wherever you’re comfortable, and write down your most common daydream. What does that daydream say about you?

No matter how crazy and wild this daydream is, where does it hold true in your personal life? Your day dream could be about meeting Leonardo DiCaprio in a coffee shop, falling in love, getting married in Paris, and having 3 beautiful babies together, and I can guarantee that you can still find something out about yourself in there!

With an open mind and a lot of heart, you can make your daydreams a reality~

Dream on,



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Jess, 25, yogi, believer in things, book worm, shy, aspiring human of Earth. I like to spend my time on a yoga mat, typing away with my thoughts, or taking pictures of anything and everything. Stop on by for everything from self-care to book reviews to fashion posts and more!

10 thoughts on “Daydreams & Finding Me

  1. Yes!!! Dream, dream, dream . . . and you’ll find it your reality :)) And make peace with the “loner” within you :))

    For years I pursued self-improvement and entrepreneurship (self-employed since 1979). I started in ’79 with a pilots license and a fashion company, building upon an initial $40.00 investment . . . built it all up myself. But I really wanted to be working in a career with my first love: Horses.

    I also dreamed of working and living in two different climates: In the mountains, and in the tropics. (I literally wrote this dream on my 1980s Mind Map/Life Map, as one of my primary goals, and lived on the islands of Molokai and Oahu in the mid-80s.)

    Fast forward . . . in 1990, again living in my native Malibu, I learned trim my own horses’ hooves. In 1996 I learned to nail on therapeutic shoes to make a horse of mine sound. That catapulted me to the career of farrier. After a kick in the head by a mule while working in LA, I decided Life was too short . . . I needed to fulfill my dreams. I booked a flight to Hawaii, prayed my heart out on the flight over there, and started a route of work over there . . .

    Last year completed 14 years of traveling back and forth, every six weeks (120 round-trips!) — two weeks working in Hawaii, four weeks living in the mountains of Southern California, working in Malibu and lovely areas nearby. Then, my dream fulfilled, I flew my anvil home, and now I’m here in our mountain cabin in California, enjoying the golden fall, listening to the rustle of cottonwood leaves outside my window . . . loving my horses, LOVING my life!!!!

    Keep heading toward your dreams. Pray, pray pray :)) Make each big Life decision in the direction of achieving those dreams. Live “outside the box” — we actually create our own limitations, and we can burst free from the “gravity” society tries to paint around us. You can do it! You can do ANYTHING!!!

    :)) :)) :))


    Sharing my daughter’s music with you :))

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    1. Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring comment, Dawn (as always!)

      It is so inspiring to hear about someone who had a daydream and made that their life. I am trying to remain hopeful that I can reach the daydreams I have in mind. Sometimes the best you can do for yourself is dream and work, and you may not see payoff right away, but the effort and the journey are what makes dreaming so special!

      Plus, daydreaming is a beautiful and simple way to gain such deep insight to what you truly want to see as a person. Be the change you wish to see in the world, as the old saying goes! I’m working every day to be that change and to see my life change in front of me.

      Also, 120 round trips is CRAZY, but an amazing adventure you lived! Hoping to find myself living my own adventures one day!

      Keep living your best life,
      Jess :))

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      1. Yes, Jess! You are setting up the foundation for your future adventures by these wonderful daydreams of yours :)) Be encouraged!!! Just the fact that you are thinking and writing (and wishing and hoping) is a great indication that you are on your way :)) I wish I could tell my “younger self” (at your age . . . ) to: Make the best decisions you can. TRUST that it all will really work out. Pray, and have faith!!!! Listen for intuitive guidance :)) . . . and then, ENJOY your Life :)) Relax and don’t be so uptight! It really will all work out — without your worrying or fretting over it all :)) :)) :))

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  2. I’m alone in the vast majority of my daydreams. Why? Because when I’m alone, I’m at my most blissful. I hate crowds and I hate noise. I do most day-to-day things on my own and I like it that way. I eat alone, I travel alone, and I try new things on my own. A lot of people – especially my very social family members – don’t understand why I’m like this and, quite frankly, they honestly believe there’s something wrong with me. There really isn’t – I’m just a very solitary introvert and I’m 100% happy being that way 🙂

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  3. Hi there! What kind of videos do you make? I make vlogs. Maybe we can be videos buddies and check out each others’ videos. I have another video buddy and we support each other in our video making goals. You can search for Ishkishmish on youtube if you are interested


    1. I’ll check out your channel! I used to have a channel years ago with music video type stuff and some vlog-ish videos (it was before vlogging was popular and i was like 15 and didnt know what i was doing) I still haven’t made my new channel yet because I don’t know what I want to do yet, I’m definitely searching for that inspiration back!

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