Changing Trees & Autumn Vibes

September 5th 2017


“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile” -William Cullen Bryant

In my humble opinion, Autumn/Fall is hands down the best season there is. I feel so passionately about Fall that I have decided to write a whole post for you just so you can see why I am so enamored of the season.

First of of, the weather is AMAZING… At least from a New Yorker’s perspective. The temperature is a comfortable mid-to-high 60’s mostly sunny, but with occasional downpours that leave the world around you smelling life a damp woodland fairy paradise! And the colors of Autumn are something to marvel at endlessly. To see that nature can create such beauty, even from death, fills me with such warm feelings. Nature is just so magical.

Plus, Fall is the season of apple cider and if you know one thing about Fall-time Jessica, it is that I LOVE me some apple cider.I try to start every morning with a hot or iced cider. (A couple of years ago, Dunkin Donuts discontinued it’s apple cider for a season and, being the basic white girl I am,  I was crushed). Plus, apple cider donuts, cider mills in general, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, everything filled with warm spices (and I mean it, every damn thing is pumpkin spice once mid-September hits, like god dammit, who needs pumpkin spice bacon!?)

Pumpkin picking is also another beautiful and amazing thing about fall. Showing up at a huge patch of land and sifting through the sea of orange gourds just fills my heart with the joy of my childhood. Actually…picking just about any fruit or veggie in Fall time unleashes the child in me. 20 pounds of apples later and I am baking pies out the wazoo for weeks.

Coffee shops, folk music, cozy sweaters and yummy smelling candles are all also Autumn staples that I am living for. Fall fashion and Fall Aesthetics have me feeling cozy all season long. I absolutely love it. ((My pinterest is simeone95 and my spotify is jessicasimeone13 for those interested in seeing what I am digging for fall))

Lastly, the big holy cannoli of all things Fall…Halloween. Halloween is my all time favorite holiday because it is a holiday all about being spooky and creative. I love being spooky and creative! Halloween is also the best time of year to play around with makeup and new looks just for the sake of trying stuff out. Plus Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus and just about every DCOM movie for Halloween is on repeat on so many networks that there is always something fun and nostalgic to watch. And there are so many horror film releases throughout October that keep me feeling excited for the entire season!

So, to anyone who took the time to read this long rant about my passionate love for Autumn, thank you and expect more posts during October in honor of Spooky Month~


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