Let’s Get Organized- Back to School

August 29th 2017

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Back to school time has begun and it’s time to get organized. Don’t let this be another year that you start out tidy and fresh and end with one sheet of looseleaf  and a pencil that you found on the floor in the hallway! Here are some tips and tricks to stay organized for back to school:

  1. Clean Your Bag.jpgTip #1- Keep your locker or bag clean- Whether you keep your books in a locker or carry around a book bag or leave books in your car, keep your space clean. It is easy to start shoving papers in random notebooks and dropping pens to the bottom of your bag out of laziness, but try to keep tidy. Keeping the space where you keep your books tidy will help you keep your books tidy.
  2. Folder CardTip #2- Folders, folders, folders- I was always too lazy to use folders and I ended up shoving everything to the front of my notebook which resulted in (a) losing things and (b) ripping and crumpling things. Use a folder for each subject or for every two subjects in order to make things easy to find and get out.
  3. Doodle CardTip #3- Separate your doodles from your work- I’m a huge doodler which helped me concentrate…until it was test time and I had doodled over all of my notes. Looking back, it probably would have helped to rip out extra paper for doodling so I didn’t ruin all of my good notes.
  4. Don't Be An Over-PackerTip #4- Don’t carry what you don’t need- If you don’t have science that day, maybe leave your science notebook at home. If you leave the books you don’t need home or away it’ll keep you from making a mess of them for no reason.
  5. Highlight Card.jpgTip #5- Highlight your notes- This was how I studied during midterms and finals in college. I would go through and highlight the important stuff in my notes for the test then study only the highlighted stuff. The initial highlighting helps you remember some of the content by associating it with the color and action of highlighting it. Then reviewing it also helpings your memory because your memory benefits from color.
  6. Planner Card.jpgTip #6- Keep a planner- I plan on posting a whole other blog about planners and tips to keeping a good one, but to keep things brief, finding a good planner in a format you enjoy and making it fun to use will help you stay on track so much more easily that if you just wing it.
  7. Keep It TogetherTip #7- Put your supplies where they belong- When the bell rings or class is dismissed everyone is sprinting off to their next destination. When you see class is about yo end, pack your supplies away neatly and carefully so you don’t end up with 0 pens by the second week of school. A pencil case or a special pocket in your bag is a good way to know where your supplies will always be.

I hope these 7 tips help you stay on track this school year. Staying organized is tough but everything goes so much more smoothly if you try to stay tidy.

If you have any suggestions for Let’s Get Organized, leave them in the comments below~


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Jess, 25, yogi, believer in things, book worm, shy, aspiring human of Earth. I like to spend my time on a yoga mat, typing away with my thoughts, or taking pictures of anything and everything. Stop on by for everything from self-care to book reviews to fashion posts and more!

10 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized- Back to School

  1. This is all great advice. Now, I just hope students heed your advice. While this only applies to some students, I used to tell my students to keep the bare necessities in their desk and leave everything else in their locker, cube, etc. This prevented the nightmare of a cluttered desk where students couldn’t find the things they needed without distracting those around them.


    1. Yes exactly the point I’m trying to get across! In my first year of middle school (the first time I ever got a locker) I would just stuff all of my books in and there were papers everywhere all the time. The following year, I hit the reverse extreme and decided that I never wanted to go to my locker so I carried everything which was not only heavy and uncomfortable but super disorganized!


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