Time Away

July 18th 2017I’m taking vacation where vacancy’s permanent. I’ll find the inner tranquil there. ~ Hippo Campus

It is important to give yourself a break. And I’m not talking about those sad excuses for breaks that we give ourselves daily. I’m talking about real, genuine breaks. I didn’t realize until recently that those sad daily breaks I thought I was giving myself weren’t benefiting me in the slightest. Lately, I have been feeling detached and mentally checked out and I thought that taking about 30 minutes to an hour for myself to do nothing during the day would be enough, but I’ve come to see that it hasn’t done me much good.

Lately, I have been feeling low on creativity, lower on motivation, and high on anxiety. So I have decided to take some time away wherever I can squeeze it. Instead of planning out chunks of time to just “do nothing”, I am listening to what my heart and my body say I want and treating myself with a little more kindness. I have been spending less time on the computer and giving myself more time to read which has really improved my mood.

I have also turned my room into a place that I want to spend more time. I light incense and candles and surround myself with crystals to make me feel at peace. I find that breaks from life feel less forced when you’re in an environment that encourages you to thrive.

I have also been taking a break from my blog. If you are a regular reader, you may not have noticed because my posts have still been coming out Tuesdays and Fridays at their usual time with very little interruption. However, I have really been taking a break from excessive pre-planning…at least a break from feeling forced to pre-plan. I enjoy planning my blogs in advance because it relaxes me and occupies my mind for a short while and leaves me feeling calmer when my self inflicted deadlines come up, but lately I feel like I have been releasing content that could be much better but isn’t because my stress has caused a halt in my inspiration.

And it isn’t stress from my blog either sadly. I am just in a very transitional period in my life right now and that sort of puts a lot of pressure on a person. Finding times to write where I am feeling in the zone and inspired have been few and far in-between.

So I have been trying to take some time away. I have been spending more time learning to find my voice in writing from other great writers. Teaching myself things that interest me and trying new things to keep life interesting. I am searching for ways to take a break without feeling the need to stop my life. I know that the things that are stressing me out are as temporary as I want them to be.

Life is all about balance and I am working on finding mine…


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