Inspiring Souls

July 4th 2017

I don’t know what led us all to one another, but I am grateful~

I had a friend talk about souls with me recently. We sat in the car in a Walmart parking lot watching the night grow damp and dewy while discussing what brings souls together and where we go when we die. It is something that I had put a lot of thought into in my alone time, but I never thought that someone else had also been thinking about the same thing. The insights I gained from the conversation were incredibly beneficial and offered me new dimensions to look into when exploring my mortality.

I feel like that conversation said a lot about my friendship with that particular friend as well as the friendships I have with other people. I feel as though I am surrounded by similar souls. I am surrounded by people who see things in the same way I do while still offering me unique and fascinating viewpoints. I am surrounded by people with depth. It wasn’t even until recently that I truly realized it.

I believe that souls get reborn and change with every reincarnation. However, I think souls grow with time. I also believe that there are still new souls born into the universe every day. I feel there is a noticeable difference between a new soul and an old soul.

An old soul is someone who is a bit more jaded and has been through the wringer a couple of times. I find that they usually take time to appreciate or reflect on things more. They are more introspective and aware of the lessons they are learning and how to apply those lessons to their own life and the lives of those they care about. They often take everything in and are more patient than newer souls. However, they are more cynical too.

A new soul is sort of gluttonous. They want to experience everything right now and they have about a hundred different projects going at once as they bounce between whatever they think will make them the most satisfied or the most successful. They are more into the fast pace and immediate gratification and will often dump things that won’t immediately reward them. On the upside though, they are pure. They are experiencing the world for the first time and they want to see it all. They spend their lives trying as many different things as possible to find their place and that’s what will benefit them in future lives.

I consider myself an old soul and I tend to surround myself with a lot of old souls. But I do have a few new souls in my life and I find it refreshing. The differing approaches towards life make it easy for both of us to learn from one another.

My friend also made a point that it is possible that our soul splits to form new souls which is also an interesting concept. The idea that every decision we make conscious or unconscious can branch off into hundreds of possible outcomes creating hundreds of alternate souls is incredibly interesting. I feel like that’s why you can meet people who can be so similar to you and the reason that twin flames exist. There are people out their who share your soul or at least components of it. It is all so fascinating to think about.

I also find it incredibly interesting that everyone has a slightly different view about our mortality as humans. This post was not intended to push my beliefs onto anyone, but instead to encourage you to think for yourself what you think lies beyond life~




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