Wish You Were Here: Philadelphia

June 6th 2017


I’ve got places to go and people to see and so so much to learn along the way…

This past weekend I got to re-experience Philly in a whole new way. I had visited Philly once before and spent a lot of time looking at the huge array of historical sites as well as enjoying the Mummer’s Day parade on New Years Day. I had an amazing time with two of my oldest friends and I would not have traded that experience for the world. However, because it was New Years Day, I did not get to experience Philly to it’s fullest.

So this year I, along with a few new friends, decided to take a trip that I hoped would allow me to experience Philly in a different way than I had before. And I must say, I think we managed to cram more into a single day than I am used to cramming into a weekend.

To start our day in Philly we took a rainy walk to Ishkabibble, a hole in the wall restaurant with really amazing Philly Cheese Steaks. I would totally recommend Ishkabibble to any person wants to avoid the crowds at the famous corner Cheese Steak joints. They also have a really awesome purple drink that tastes like a grape Jolly Rancher so 10/10 would recommend that too. I think that was the most I’ve ever eaten before noon.


After, we decided to explore some local shops. We wanted to see everything, so we dove into just about every shop possible. We went into a store that sold crystals and other spiritual bits, quirky sex shops, a couple of antique stores and a beautiful shop with a artistic Mexican style (They had tons of Frida Kahlo stuff there so I got myself a really rad pair of socks). While I was shopping I also grabbed three pieces of clear quartz for myself and my two friends because I feel like having something you all share is a really nice way to bond with new friends.


Following our shopping adventure, we made our way to Eastern State Penitentiary where we explored what was left of this over 100 year old prison. Walking through the abandoned cell blocks and looking at the cells that many spent their whole lives was incredibly fascinating and a bit creepy all at once. When entering cell block 7 (pictured below) I immediately felt the energy of tons of trapped souls. I felt weighed down by the entire experience but I was grateful to have seen something with so much history and to learn how our prison system has changed since the days of the prison’s operation.


When our tour concluded we took a short walk to the Rocky Steps outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. That was my personal goal for the day because the last time I went it was frigid out and my coat made it incredibly hard to run up the stairs like Rocky (because I’m a loser and that is what I care about). I also wanted to go again because the view from the top is incredible and the beautiful weather only added to the quality of the view.


When we were done at the steps we decided to make our way to Franklin Square to check out the Chinese Lantern Festival we had passed on our drive prior. However, the square was a 50 minute walk from the steps so we asked a tour guide from Founding Footsteps tours for directions and he offered to let us hop on the end of the tour which was incredibly generous of him (Check out the tour company site linked above. They are doing a lot to spread culture and support education for students in need which I think is really awesome). Once the tour let out we were right by Franklin Square and made our way into the Lantern festival. I enjoyed a nice bubble tea while walking through a maze of beautiful lanterns and watching amazing dance performances. I loved that added little bit of culture (and the Chinese meatballs there were pretty bomb too so if you make your way to Philly before June 11th for the festival then I totally recommend trying those).


Overall, My trip to Philly was wonderful and I loved spending my day learning about new things while further getting to know people in my own life. Traveling with friends new or old is a great way to learn about each other on a deeper level while creating memories that will bring you even closer together.


Until next time, wish you were here~


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