The Egocentric Model of the Universe

March 31st 2017


There are three main models that have been used when describing the orientation of the celestial bodies in our universe: The geocentric, the heliocentric, and the ever popular but lesser known, egocentric model.

We are the center of our universe. We believe that the sun rises and sets for us and that the people we come in contact with have lives that orbit around our own. We believe that our problems are the important problems, our friends are the best friends, our lives are the best (or the worst if you’re one of those competitively miserable people) compared to anyone else’s. We believe we are the main characters of a huge play that is playing out in front of our eyes and anyone who is not in our spotlight is a background character. We believe that everything turns just for us.

But there comes a point where one must realize that we live in a world where everyone is their own main character. In no one else’s life but your own are you the most important player. You are not the sun in someone else’s universe. You are a small planet orbiting around them as you imagine them orbiting around you. To some people you are not even in their orbit at all. To them, you are a background character.

So what does this mean in the grander scheme of things? It means that you should remain humble. It means that you must take a step back and realize that everyone has a life full of conflicts and ambitions and emotions and dreams that are separate and equal to your own. It means that you need to remind yourself to spend time observing everyone else’s universe to gain insight on your own.

Because if you spend too long believing that the universe is egocentric it will soon be true because you will be the only one left.









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