Goodbye March, Hello April~

April 3rd 2016


So March has ended and April is back again, hopefully bringing some warmer weather along with it. I figured now would be the best time to take a seat and review my March goals and set some goals for April:

  1. Try a spin class.
  2. Go to a unique museum or exhibition
  3. Take a trip somewhere new, even if it is for just a day

My first goal was to take a spin class which I sadly did not accomplish. I did not have the time or the resources to get to a spin class so I guess that goal will have to be put on the back burner for a while. However, I did spend a lot more time a yoga in the past month and have even gotten the opportunity to try out some new classes that I hadn’t tried about before. I have also started meditating a couple of times a week at my yoga studio which is something I’ve found to be incredibly beneficial to my mental state.

My second goal was to go to a museum or exhibition. I went to the MET over my spring break, which I will admit is nothing really new for me, but it does count as a completed goal. As I’ve gotten more into yoga, I have found myself appreciating Indian art and Buddhist culture a lot more (not in the cultural appropriation way, just in the general appreciation way).

The museum was also running a really cool exhibition on murder and murderers of early American history. I don’t know why, but that creepy stuff really appeals to me and I got super excited when I saw the exhibition out of the corner of my eye. Also, one of my favorite pieces of in the MET is the PixCell deer by the Western and Japanese art I believe.taxidemied-deer-1

So that brings me to my third goal which was to take a trip somewhere new even just for a day. I don’t have any pictures from my trip somewhere new, but I do have some pictures from other places I went during my spring break if you look back at my previous posts.

However, I did take a day trip to West Nyack, NY to go to the Palisades Mall to do some shopping and go to this place called 5 Wits. 5 Wits is pretty much an indoor, story-driven escape game which I would recommend to just about anyone of any age because it is so much fun. I took this little day trip with my best friend as her way of taking me out for a late birthday adventure.

((This is the part where I wrote new goals but I never ended up keeping track of things sooooo call me a failure, but at least I tried))

Don’t be an April Fool,


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