Winter Bucket List 2021 – Blogmas Day 2

December 2nd 2021

I’m making up for lost time this holiday season~

One of my favorite things I used to do on my blog was seasonal bucket lists that correlated to a month or few months that I wanted to get a bit more inspired by. I have really been wanting to maximize my holiday season this year so I figured that a bucket list would not only help me prioritize the things I wanted to do, but also hold me accountable so I didn’t make excuses for being bored in December. Plus, the bonus is that I get stuff to be excited about.

So, in typical Jessica fashion, I am going to apologize for throwing in an unnecessary intro and jump into my bucketlist!

  1. Go ice skating at least once – Surprisingly enough, ice skating is something I am mildly good at despite being uncoordinated and a bit clumsy. I find that once I get into the groove, I really enjoy myself and could mindlessly skate in circles for a least a good couple of hours! Plus, it just makes me feel so festive to be bundled up and the hot cocoa at the end always hits just right.
  2. Go and see some Christmas lights – There are quite a few Christmas light I want to hit up this year. One of them is a light display in a park, another is at the raceway, and another is in a Botanical Garden in Atlanta that I went to last year that I would love to revisit. Definitely a lot of options and I hope to get to as many as I can before they close for the year.
  3. Travel at least once (but ideally twice) – I have 2 trips possibly lined up for December that are just awaiting booking. One is my anniversary trip with my boyfriend that is going to possibly be to DC and the other is a trip to Atlanta again like we did last year. However, if I can’t do both, we might just make Atlanta the anniversary trip instead and save DC for a better season!
  4. Get my holiday shopping done early – I am TERRIBLE at this. Every single year I take way too long delaying my holiday shopping just to rush around last minute to send everything to my friends and loved ones but I hope to get it done early this year.
  5. Bake something festive for the holidays – I really enjoy baking and would love to bake some cookies for scratch to ring in the holiday season…and also just to enjoy a good snack!
  6. Watch a couple of Christmas movies – I always get in the mood for Christmas movies and music just as the season passes so this year I want to get festive early on and actually make time to watch my holiday favorites when it is seasonally appropriate to do so.
  7. Put up my tree _ I got a small Christmas tree last year for my apartment and want to put it up again, but at my boyfriend’s apartment this time so I can spend more time enjoying it!
  8. Pack my apartment to move (more about that in my life update) – Not going to spoil this one but I can’t procrastinate because I move in January!

I am going to keep this list short because I am trying to get everything on this list done by Christmas or the New Year, but I think that there is a lot of room to add more fun activities into my month as well. Super excited to be sharing my adventures with my blog again, and hopefully there will be more surprises in store as we make our way to the new year!

What is something on your Winter Bucket List?


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