Fall Bucket List

August 23rd 2019

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Because it is almost September and that means it is pretty much fall…

I am the kind of person who usually starts celebrating the coming of fall at the end of July. However, I know that some people get really angry about that so I decided to wait until close to the end of August to start with fall posts. So, fall is one of the things I look forward to every year for a few reasons. One is because it is Halloween season and I love stretching spooky month far beyond October so I try to start as early as humanly possible. Two, I just love fall fashion and decor and activities. The natural colors of fall and all of the fun outdoor activities make me super happy, so I love thinking up new plans for the season.

This year, my bucket list may be a bit different than it usually is because I am in a new state and don’t really know much about what goes on here in the fall, but I decided to put together a small list in the hopes that I can encourage myself to get out there and try some new things!

  1. See some fall foliage- I’ve seen that North Carolina is actually a big place for watching the leaves change and stuff. I would love to head up to the mountains and explore and get some good hiking in!
  2. Try one new fall activity- Since I am in an all new place, that means I have a lot of opportunities to try new fall things. I know that fairs are really big down here, so I think I may try to make it to at least one to see what the hype is about.
  3. Go pumpkin and apple picking- I did this every year in New York and I would assume they have some good spots for this here too, but I am not entirely sure. I would just like to go get myself some cute pumpkins for my room and maybe make some apple crisp.
  4. Decorate for fall- Again, this was a no-brainer for me in NY, however, I have a new room now and I am not sure if I will have time or space to really decorate much, so I am challenging myself to make the time because fall decor makes me happy.
  5. Find a good cider mill- I would like to believe that there has to be a good cider mill around here for me to get a cider slushy and maybe an apple cider donut. I plan to do my research and whatever I find, I will report back to you all with my findings.

Overall, I am trying not to be overly ambitious, but I am optimistic that this fall will be really good for me if I put my mind to it! What are some things on your fall bucket list?


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