New Adventures & Summer Goals

May 10th 2019

As I start to write the next chapter of my life, I am taking some time to think about what I hope to gain, learn, and experience~

With my move less than 2 weeks away, it has been sort of hard to think of creative blog post ideas. However, one of my favorite formats for posts has always been lists, whether it be lists of goals, lessons, or just general things I enjoy. I had messaged my friend Angie a couple of days ago about my lack of inspiration and she tossed around a few suggestions. The two suggestions that caught my eye most were a summer bucket list and a post about what I hope to gain from moving.

I decided against doing a summer bucket list this year because I don’t know what to expect of this summer so I don’t want to set unrealistic expectations for me experiences then be disappointed when the summer doesn’t live up to them. And in terms of what I hope to gain from moving, I feel like that is something I will discover over time. But, I realized that I could find a way to combine both ideas into one post that is a little less expectation filled and a little more easy to chew.

So today, I want to list out what I hope to accomplish this summer after moving to a different state, away from my friends and all things familiar:

  1. I want to get in shape- Since I won’t have friends around, I will have to find ways to occupy myself while trying to meet new people. I feel like working out would be a very productive way to spend my time because it’ll be beneficial to my body and also to my mind. When I am in shape, I often feel better about myself on an emotional level so getting myself in shape will definitely lend itself nicely to me feeling more confident when meeting new people and eventually reentering the dating scene.
  2. I want to improve my diet- I love my friends to death, but I feel like my social life has resulted in me not treating my body the nicest in terms of food. Food is a very social thing and sometimes I go to hell with my body just because my friends and I are craving some good food. I want to take my alone time to get myself back on track with my healthy eating and sort of create a baseline for how I want to be eating.
  3. I want to get used to going places alone- I suck at going places alone. It is very rare that I leave the house by myself for fun for any reason except yoga. Otherwise, I really only go out alone for work or necessities. However, without friends in my new home, I am going to have to get used to venturing out on my own to go shopping, grab food, or see movies. It’ll also help me get over my fear of driving to new places by myself, which is a large thing that holds me back.
  4. I want to find a job- I realize this one is only partially under my control, but I would really like to find a tolerable job relatively soon from when I move down. I am a skilled worker and would love to get working for both financial and social reasons. I get too bored not working.
  5. I want to focus on creating better content- Between packing and leaving work and being incredibly busy in general, I feel that my content on here hasn’t been to the level of quality I would like it to be (despite my friends saying they see no change in quality). So this summer I really want to go out of my way to seek out fun things to blog about and to improve my content and writing in whatever way possible.
  6. I want to take some classes- Whether they be fitness classes or skill classes, I want to educate myself and improve. One of my major goals this summer is to find a yoga studio so I can get back into the routine of attending classes regularly. I also recently learned about this interesting company called Skillpop that offers pop-up classes for people who are interested in learning new things.  They have everything from business classes to craft classes to cooking classes to teaching life-long skills. It is really out of my comfort zone, but I see that they have classes in blogging and curating an Instagram feed and I would love to go see what they have to offer. I may even make friends.

I know that this transition won’t be easy, but i feel like the experience can offer a lot to me in terms of growth and learning more about myself. I am really going to try to focus my energy on myself this summer and I hope that, by the end of the summer. I have some new things to share with all of you.


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