What I Got For Christmas – Blogmas Day 26

December 26th 2018

Taking the time to express a little gratitude for all of the thoughtful gifts I received this year~

So Christmas is now over and there is about 364 days left until we meet again. However, if you followed me last year, you would know that Blogmas doesn’t end on the 25th for me. I like to keep the Blogmas vibes rolling into the new year so I can use the last few days to set goals, reflect, and get ready for another year ahead.

One of my favorite pieces of content to watch or read after Christmas is what people got! One reason I love it is because it gives me inspiration for future gift buying experiences. I also love it because I feel like it gives a good look into what people value based on what their friends and family buy for them!

Before I go into what I got, I just want to give the obligatory disclaimer that this post isn’t me bragging about what I got in any way, shape or form. I just like making these posts because I love seeing them myself, plus I want to give a shout out to all of the loved ones who generously thought of me this holiday season!

From Friends

My friends were super generous this year and I think that all of their gifts so far have been incredibly thoughtful! I didn’t get to photograph everything my friends gave me but here are a few highlights!

My friends Kristin and Jimmy made beautiful gift packages this year for both myself and my friend, Angie. In my gift package, they gave me a cookbook, a notebook and pen, walking cards, and a custom t-shirt with my site name on it, which was very nice of them!

Angie got me the full collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories that I had been eyeing for ages without committing to buying, so I appreciate the fact that she really listens to me when I talk about things I like and got me something I wouldn’t normally buy myself! Her father was even so thoughtful as to buy me a true crime story to go along with the Poe book!

My friend Michaella got me a book of writing prompts which will definitely help me on slow writing days. She also got me a Pisces necklace because she knows I love my sign and she got me a tea mat, which I had never heard of before. A tea mat is a little mat filled with spices that you put your hot teacup on and it radiates warm scents!

Lastly, my friend Tyler got me 4 mini makeup palettes that were themed after the elements and each shade was named after a quality the element embodied. I am really into zodiac stuff and I want to get more into makeup so it was a great combo. He also got me Angel Cards were are similar to tarot cards but a little different so I have been fun learning with those!


My family was so kind to me this year and I am so incredibly grateful! To start with things I couldn’t photograph, my cousin and his wife got me a beautiful clock made out of a vinyl record. It was carved and had all the zodiac signs on it and my sign in the middle which will make a great addition to my future apartment! My other cousin was also super thoughtful and got me 2 scratch maps! One of the US and one of the world! I can’t wait to travel and scratch off as many places as possible!

Next, my Nanny and Poppy got me a Christmas Sweater by my favorite musician, Betty Who! I technically got this for Hanukkah, but it still fits in my “what I got” haul. It is the most comfortable sweatshirt I own and I know I will be getting tons of use out of it even after Christmas.

My brother was really thoughtful this year and got me a nice shirt and a small wall tapestry. Clearly the world knows I love being a Pisces because this was my 3rd Pisces gift of the season!

My parents were amazing this year also. They got me an adorable new shelf for my little alter table and I LOVE IT. It makes my table so much more tidy and now it looks like a little crystal shop! They also got me 2 new bags; a new backpack purse (since I have been using my old one for about 2 years straight now) and a belt bag which I have been dying to have for ages.

I also got a few new clothing pieces including camo jeans, 2 pairs of workout pants, a jacket, a coat, and a new belt! Another thing I am super pumped about is that my mom got me a 36 pack of scrunchies. I don’t think 5 year old me would ever imagine 23 year old me matching scrunchies to her outfits, haha.

My mom also got me a little yoga frog as a small gift. But my big gift of the year came from my dad. He got my mom and I tickets to see Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway which my mom has been dying to see for ages!

On top of all of that, I got a few necessities I needed like dry shampoo and a DVD case among other things! Overall, they were way too kind!


I also got a few gifts I haven’t listed and I have a couple more gift exchanges to do with a few friends. But overall I am so happy with everything I got and I am even happier that my friends love the things I bought them in return!

I hope everyone has had a very happy holiday and I can’t wait to finish out the year with you!


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