The Summer That Wasn’t

August 1st 2018


If a tree falls in the forest and no one was around to here it, does it make a sound?

This has been the summer that wasn’t. I am not entirely sure why summer just wasn’t this year, but it just wasn’t. You may be confused by what I mean, but what I am saying is that I feel like summer happened and I just wasn’t there. Not to say I have had a bad June and July, but I didn’t feel like those were really “summer”. Yeah the weather was hot and yeah schools were closed, but since I graduated, summer doesn’t feel like much to me.

On top of that, I don’t really feel like I lived a true summer this year. I didn’t take my annual one or two beach excursions or go to an amusement park or tons of cookouts or anything. It sort of just felt like I was living any other season, just hotter.

I guess that is what happens when you grow up and don’t have school years to differentiate what is a “break” and what is “work”. Not to say that I was particularly bogged down by work this summer or anything, I just didn’t feel the shift from school year to summer break that used to excite me so much.

So aside from my lack of beach trips, what made this the summer that wasn’t? I’m not sure entirely. I just don’t feel like anyone really gave off summer vibes this year. Usually I get some inspiration from other people living out really cool summer dreams, but this year summer just sort of seems like a waiting room for fall.

I am a bit biased because I love fall way more than summer so I have been in the mood for fall since I saw that all the craft stores started putting out autumn and Halloween decor. I guess that is the true difference between going back to school and being grown. When I was in school, fall was bittersweet because it was clumped in with back to school, but now that I’m out, fall is no different than summer in most situations and I just use the fall months to enjoy freedom and activities in the same way people use summer.

I will say though, that the fact that summer never truly came for me does make me sad. I am the kind of person who really tries to find magic and things to look forward to each season, but this year summer just didn’t give me much to work with. I hope that this August can redeem my lost summer.

But overall, I am just happy that, if I can’t make summer come, I still have fall to make better~


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Jess, 25, yogi, believer in things, book worm, shy, aspiring human of Earth. I like to spend my time on a yoga mat, typing away with my thoughts, or taking pictures of anything and everything. Stop on by for everything from self-care to book reviews to fashion posts and more!

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