Musicians You Shouldn’t Miss This Summer

May 20th 2018


Good tunes make for good memories~

Summer is coming which means it is time to prepare the perfect soundtrack to set the mood for everything you do this summer! Here is a list of artists and songs that you shouldn’t miss out on this summer.

  • Betty Who- Betty is always my number one because she is my favorite singer and, by far, one of the sweetest performers I have ever met. Her pop sounds is a mix of old school and new school sounds to create this unique subgenre that can only be described as “Betty Who”. My current favorite bop at the moment is a collab she featured on by Lemaitre called “Rocket Girl”. But songs such as “Pretend You’re Missing Me”, “Mama Say”, and “Ignore Me” are all current dance-in-the-car favorites of mine!
  • Sabrina Carpenter- I have been listening to Sabrina for quite some time now, but I think that her having her start on Disney Channel has really caused a lot of people to miss her. She has a fantastic voice and a unique style and she always seems to push the boundaries of what pop is. Her song “Thumbs” encompasses some scat sounds with a bumping beat that really makes the song such earworm. She is due to have some new music out soon so keep an ear out!
  • Zella Day- I am patiently awaiting a new music drop by Zella Day, but revisiting her older music is still a favorite summer pastime. Her sound makes me think of Arizona deserts. The mix of western and indie sound is something truly unique. Personal favorites of mine are “Man on the Moon” and “1965”.
  • Ryn Weaver- I NEED NEW MUSIC FROM RYN WEAVER ASAP BUT I AM STILL INCLUDING HER BECAUSE YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO HER. Okay, I know that was a bit dramatic but I have been waiting for a new Ryn Weaver Album for nearly 3 years now and I am so excited to hear what she does next. Her music is extremely important to me and even inspired my first tattoo. My favorite songs by her are “New Constellations”, “Traveling Song”, and “Pierre”. I don’t know how to describe her sound but if you listen to her lyrics, they are truly life-changing.

Who are your go-to artists for summer? I am always looking for more music to explore!


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