Exploring Angel Numbers

May 8th 2018


The Universe gives you more signs than you think, keep your eyes and mind open~

When I started my Wellness Wednesday series, I didn’t quite know what I wanted to get out of it and how it would be different than my Self-Care Corner series. However, after brainstorming a bit and trying to get inspired, I realized this series would be a perfect way for me to explore new areas of wellness. Not only will I talk about yoga and meditation in this series, but also more obscure topics like crystal healing, manifestation, angel numbers, tarot, essential oils and more.

I think that turn the things I want to learn about into a series is a great way to keep me motivated to do research and get more informed. It also makes me really happy to inform other people about these interesting forms of wellness and metaphysical exploration.

So today’s today is Angel Numbers. Angel Numbers are something I got into within this past year. To give you a brief definition, Angel Numbers are “the recurrence of number sequences as a subtle and constant reminder that something magical or something Divine is happening.” The most well known is 1111 or 11:11 as seen on a clock. It is the time that you are often told to make a wish.

But have you ever wondered WHY you’ve been told to wish? Well, you see, Angel Number 1111 means that the angels are listening to your thoughts and want to help you manifest them quickly. So you wish! You center your thoughts on what you want and wish!

Here are a few more sequences of numbers I have seen in my own life and ones that I also find interesting:

222: I see 222 a lot and it means that you should start seeking balance and harmony in your own life. It makes sense that I see it a lot because I am at a bit of a crossroads in my life and finding balance has been quite difficult.

333: I don’t see 333 very often, if at all. 333 is referred to as the “Jesus Connection”. It essentially means that the Ascended Masters are with you in this moment offering you support and protection in fulfilling your life’s mission. It doesn’t have to be religious and can just be spiritual depending on your personal beliefs.

444: I see 444 occasionally but not as much as I would hope to based on the message it brings. 444 is a message that you have nothing to fear in regards to your life, work and Divine life purpose. It means the Universe has your back in times of worry.

555: When you see 555, it is time to let go. Let go of things in life that are no longer serving you. It can be as simple as cleaning out your closet or as difficult as leaving behind a friendship that isn’t good for you anymore. The Universe is letting you know that it is okay to let go.

666: The number 666 has a bad reputation because it is referred to as the devil’s number. However, from an Angel Number standpoint, 666 is a warning that you’re too focused on material aspects of life and you are disruption the balance. Essentially it is warning you to remain humble.

777: Known to be the lucky numbers in slots, 777 is actually a lucky sign from the universe too! The higher powers are pleased with your growth and progress and are telling you that you are on the right path. 777 is also connected to 3 because 7+7+7=21 and 2+1=3. So refer back to 333 for additional spiritual implications of 777!

888: When you see 888, know that your life’s purpose is being fully supported by the Universe. 888 also implies completion phases and transitions into new chapters of life. So prepare yourself for abundance and new experiences.

999:  Similar to 888, 999 is about completion phases and implies an end of a cycle of your life. Be prepared!

1010: This Angel Number urges you to take some time for self-study and self-improvement. 1010 suggests that you are experiencing a time of abundance and positive changes once you allow yourself to improve and grow.

1212: It is time to step out of your comfort zone and get moving! The Universe has your back and is with you on your journey to new things and experiences. This is a time where you can make better and more significant connections in your life!

1313: I have had a personal experience with 1313. 1313 is a sign that your guardian angel is near and ready to protect you. One time I almost missed my train home from work in the city but the train got in late causing me to just make it. The train was the 5:13 on track 13. By keeping my thoughts and energy positive, I was surrounded by the energy of the Universe.

000: The Angels are leaving messages for you! Be open and prepared to receive those messages and use them to push yourself towards your life’s purpose. You will soon have the answers you seek.

Those are all of the simple sequences I will be sharing with you today, but if you ever come cross a sequence that you see a lot and are curious about, Google it! I found all of what I know about Angel Numbers from featured sites on Google and there are tons of great blogs and sites out there who dedicate themselves to the spiritual study of numbers!

Good luck~


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