New Year, New You- Resolution Friendly Meal Guide

January 26th 2018

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I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry~

Okay, so the holiday season is over now and after hefty Halloween and Christmas snack guides, my body needs some detox and recovery. I have no more excuses not to be eating healthy so I am getting back into the swing of things and dragging my friends along with me.

Here is a nice little dinner feast that my friend and I created one evening in an attempt to learn to eat and live healthier. I am going to try to pick recipes that could be made vegetarian or vegan as well so that everyone can be included on this healthy eating ride!

Dijon Roasted Cabbage-

Find the recipe here

My friend and I decided to deviate from the recipe with this one and were still happy with the results. We decided we wanted to do a more of a slaw rather than do the wedges like the recipe called for and we also used red cabbage (which was more readily accessible pre-chopped). Overall it turned out really good but if we were to try it again, we would probably double up on the Dijon and maybe add a few more spices. I find that making the recipe as more of a slaw made the ingredients less concentrated. Overall, this was really quick and easy to make and I would recommend it as a low carb, vegan, and keto friendly side or snack!

Black Bean Dip-I woul

Find the recipe here

I wouldn’t exactly consider this a dip, but more of a salad you can eat with chips. But I must say, I could literally just eat this with a fork straight out of the bowl. This recipe is vegan friendly and totally customizable. You can add or remove anything to fit your personal tastes. My friend and I left out the cilantro and added extra garlic. Overall, this is something that is super quick and easy to whip up and great to bring to a Super Bowl party or to Taco Tuesday!

Healthy Bake Broccoli Tots-

Find the recipe here

Full disclosure, I am fully aware that these came out looking hideous but I can assure you that they tasted absolutely amazing. My one piece of advice is to add a little more of everything (except broccoli) than the recipe says to. My friend and I had a lot of trouble getting the mixture to stick together with the measurements from the original recipe so we added about another half measurement in to help improve the binding. This recipe is not vegan, however, I’m sure it can be made vegan with an egg substitute and vegan cheese! Also these were incredibly filling so they would be great for meal prepping because the recipe makes a lot and it doesn’t take a lot of time and they taste good hot or room temperature!



I don’t have a recipe for this one because we just played it by taste and what we had available. For the base of our smoothie, we use some coconut milk vanilla frozen yoga and a splash of cashew almond milk (lots of nut milks going on but they all worked nicely together). We also added frozen berries, frozen banana and mango chunks. This smoothie turned out tasting great and next time, I think I’d add spinach to the mix because I feel like the smoothie would be good at covering the taste while still giving my those extra nutrients!


Eat right doesn’t have to be boring or bland! Always search for creative and fun ways to turn eating healthy into something you love doing!


((Also, just a little note, I am working on improving my food photography skills for the future because I really hate how these pictures turned out. But practice makes perfect!))

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