New Year, New You- January Affirmation Challenge (PART 1)

January 16th 2018

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Halfway through the first chapter, time for a check up~

First, if you have not read the post with the instructions for this challenge, I encourage you to do so so you understand what I am writing about! Click here to take a look at the instructions. If you want to start the challenge late feel free. Also, if you want to answer any of the questions, feel free to post and tag me or leave a comment with the questions you decided to answer!

Here is the first part of my 2 part answers series!

January 2- I am new

  1. Write a list of qualities you would like to embody in the new year.
    1. Some qualities I want to embody this year are ambition, dedication, loyalty, authenticity,  creativity, and bravery.
  2. What steps do you plan to take to embody the qualities you wish to see in yourself?
    1. I plan to embody ambition by creating out-of-the-box content on my blog and challenging myself to try things I didn’t try last year both in my personal life and on my blog. I will embody dedication by keeping up with my posting schedule as well as continuing to improve at my other endeavors such as work and yoga. I will embody loyalty by remembering who my true friends are and dedicating adequate time to each of them so they know I care. I will embody authenticity by always being impeccable to my word. I will remain creative by taking time out from blogging to try other creative mediums. I will be brave by trying hard to remain unshakable in the wake of scary changes.
  3. What about these qualities are desirable to you?
    1. I think they are desirable to me because the people I admire most possess these qualities and they inspire me to reach for those qualities myself.

January 3- I am open

  1. Discuss a time where you had to be open-minded and how that experience benefited your life.
    1. I was really open-minded when I went into my first real yoga class. I was never really into the idea of chanting and saying om seriously and everything, but after one class I was hooked and now I love om and all things yoga and spiritual
  2. What is something new you want to open yourself up to this year?
    1. I really want to open myself up to a new hobby. I was think Pilates or maybe more recreational rock climbing. I really just love trying new things.
  3. Do you consider yourself to be an open person? If not, why do you feel you have trouble with openness?
    1. I consider myself to be a pretty open person. I am one of those, “I’ll try anything once” kinds of people.

January 4- I am worthy

  1. What do you consider your most valuable qualities?
    1. I think my most valuable qualities are my creativity and my ambition. Although I spoke about wanting to embody them this year, I feel like I already do a pretty good job of embodying them, but wish to just improve.
  2. Treat yourself to a pamper evening with only yourself in mind.
    1. I really enjoy taking pamper nights. Setting aside time for self-care and putting myself first does a lot to make me feel confident and at ease.
  3. When was the last time you put yourself first? How did it feel?
    1. Before the pamper night, I don’t really remember the last time I specifically put myself first except for when I go to yoga in the mornings. Making myself my biggest priority can be really rewarding and refreshing.

January 5- I am grateful

  1. List the things and people in your life for which you are most grateful.
    My family, friends, dog, boyfriend, teachers, boss, coworkers, myself, my health, my problems, my dreams, my possessions.
  2. What does gratitude mean to you?
    To me gratitude is recognizing the impact something has in your life and in shaping who you are as a person and being appreciative of all things that serve you in growth.
  3. How do you express gratitude?
    I express my gratitude by trying to remain positive and reminding those I care about that I value their role in my growth.

January 6- I am strong

  1. What would you define strength to be?
    Strength is the ability to persevere when faced with problems or conflicts. Strength is not only physical, but mental. True strength is found when someone pushes past doubt to move forward.
  2. When was the last time you feel you exhibited true strength?
    The last time I exhibited strength was when I walked away from a situation that did not serve me, when a year ago I would have found myself crying and overwhelmed.
  3. What are some ways that you could become stronger as a person this year?
    I can become a stronger person by learning to say no, speaking up for myself more, fighting for what I deserve, pushing through problems, walking away when necessary, and remaining positive in the face of doubt.

January 7- I am dedicated

  1. What do you consider yourself dedicated to?
    I am dedicated to my ambitions and the people in my life.
  2. What are some ways you practice dedication in your day to day life?
    I practice dedication to my ambitions by working hard at the things I value and taking active steps towards improvement in things such as writing and yoga. I practice dedication to those I love by being there for them through their struggles (within reason—I no longer let myself be a 24/7 shoulder to cry on or someone who is willing to give you a hard pass when you do something shitty). I also practice dedication through tough love and advice in times of need.
  3. How would being more dedicated help you in reaching your goals for 2018?
    I can be more dedicated to reaching my goals by keeping a better schedule and making concrete plans for each day to use my time effectively. My planner will be my BFF.

January 8- I am passionate

  1. What is/are your passion(s)?
    I am passionate about yoga and writing.
  2. Spend at least an hour this week doing something you are passionate about. Write how it made you feel.
    I just completed my yoga teaching certification over the weekend and it made me feel amazing and accomplished. I can’t wait to share this passion with the world. I also spent quite sometime writing which is therapeutic and beneficial to improving my skills.
  3. What passions do you hope to explore more this year?
    I really want to explore my passions for photography and film over the next year. I started with photography at the end of last year, but I am really looking to get more involved with it and eventually buy a new camera.

January 9- I am beautiful

  1. What are your favorite physical qualities about yourself?
    My favorite physical qualities about myself are my dimples (on my face, don’t be cheeky) and my hair.
  2. What parts of you make you feel most insecure? How can you find beauty in these characteristics?
    I feel really insecure about my hips and my thighs. I feel like I’m really wide and I hate it and it makes me feel fat. I can find beauty in these characteristics by realizing that some people would kill to have hips like mine and on a day to day basis, most people aren’t judging my hips as harshly as I judge them.
  3. Stand in front of the mirror and repeat this affirmation to yourself for the rest of the week. How do you feel?
    I feel a bit better. Self love is a constant task, but making myself feel beautiful helps a lot.

January 10- I am loving

  1. How would you define love?
    Love is not just a feeling but a whole thing all together. Love is the things you do for people and the way you treat people and how you feel about people and how you see the world. Love is a sensation that turns things beautiful.
  2. Reach out to someone you love and let them know you appreciate their presence in your life.
  3. How can you invite more love into your life this year?
    I can invite more love into my life by being more loving towards the people I care about. Create a cycle of love and put it out into the universe so I can be constantly surrounded.

January 11- I am secure

  1. What does it mean to be secure?
    To be secure is to not need assistance or assurance outside yourself in order to feel stable. Security in yourself means you do not need to tear other people down in order to feel adequate.
  2. Do you have a sense of security in your life?
    Yes and no. I feel secure in myself and don’t feel like I have to tear other people down to feel good about myself. But I do often have trouble finding security when thinking about the future and my life path.
  3. Meditate on the affirmation “I am secure” and set the intention to put more faith in the universe having your back.

January 12- I am healthy

  1. How do you feel about your physical health? How about your mental health?
    Physically, I am doing pretty well but I can improve my workout routine and how I eat for sure. Mentally, it depends on the day. I have anxiety and that really can be unpredictable at times to the point where I could have an amazing day but it could end on a super low note because of anxiety. It’s a learning process.
  2. Take time this week to do at least one thing that benefits your physical body.
  3. Take time this week to focus on mental health. Check in with how you are feeling and write down anything that arises.

January 13- I am positive

  1. Do you view the glass as half full or half empty?
    I like to view it half full, but sometimes I view it as half empty, or all empty depending on what is going on in my life. But, more or less, I am a half full kind of girl.
  2. How do you plan on bringing more positivity into your life in the upcoming year?
    I plan to write more positive and uplifting blog posts this year. I have gotten really great at writing introspective stuff when I am sad, but writing when I am happy and positive is really hard for me because I feel like it’s boring or lacks depth.
  3. What benefits does positivity offer in helping you reach your goals?
    What you put out is what you get back. I have spent a lot of time sending out shitty energy and expecting miracles. I am gonna put out some good vibes in the hopes that they will return to me.

January 14- I am wise

  1. What is the best piece of advice you have about life?
    You will live. I have tons of advice that I think it pretty awesome, but that is my most simple piece of life advice. You will live. This thing you’re finding absolutely dreadful now, may mean nothing to you in the future. You will live. It all happens to teach you the lessons you need to fulfill your purpose.
  2. Pick something you want to get more educated on this year. Start working on educating yourself and write about what you’ve learned.
  3. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
    “When the wind changes, readjust your sails.” My mom said that to me at the end of last year while I was going through some stuff. It is awesome advice. Keep up with changes or sink your ship, the choice is yours.

January 15- I am honest

  1. Do you think it is right to tell the truth, even if it may hurt someone’s feelings? Why or why not?
    I think it is always best to tell the truth if an opinion is asked for and it is constructive and without malice. If your friend asks if they are a good singer and they aren’t, offer advice on how they could improve, don’t just shit on what they enjoy.
  2. Do you feel you often lie to yourself or that you are honest with yourself about your personal identity and choices?
    I think I lie to myself a bit. Sometimes I lie to cushion the blow of things and other times I lie because I put myself down even when I don’t deserve it. I enjoy when I am honest with myself.
  3. Choose honesty this week. Be as transparent as possible with everyone you talk to even when it is difficult. How did it go?
    This wasn’t that hard for me and I didn’t really have any conflicts. I think honesty is always the best option when it is with good intentions and presented well.

January 16- I am daring

  1. Plan to do something outside of your comfort zone this year. Try an activity you’ve been too nervous to try. Travel somewhere new. Talk to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to.
  2. What was one time you were particularly daring? How did it make you feel?
    I felt really daring when I flew to Buffalo alone for the first time to meet my friend I never met in person before. I was honestly really excited because it was my first time flying alone and checking myself in at the airport and I really felt empowered. I didn’t doubt the choice at all, but it was definitely more daring than I would have ever been in years past.
  3. What does being daring mean to you?
    Being daring to me is breaking out of your comfort zone and doing something that you wouldn’t normally default to do. For example, it can be as extreme as jumping out of a plane or as simple as pitching a wild idea at work. Daring is stepping out from the everyday.

What are your answers? If there are any questions you want to answer but don’t want to make a full post about them, then answer in the comments below!

One half of chapter 1 down!



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