What I Got for Christmas 2017 – Blogmas Day 26

December 26th 2017

Christmas Photo Collage.jpg

Still holding onto my last shred of holiday cheer

I am having post-Christmas depression. The day after Christmas, aside from being National Thank You Note day, is national “Sad Jessica” day. Christmas is the last of the decorations and festivities holidays until Valentines day and Easter which aren’t nearly as festive.

I always hate to see this time of year go, but I am holding onto it a little bit more and sharing with you what I got for Christmas this year! I would just like to say before I start that I am not using this as an opportunity to brag and I am incredibly grateful for everything I have received this year, but I love reading these kinds of posts so I decided to make one myself!

Gifts from Friends/Cousins/Boss

I didn’t get the chance to exchange with all of my friends yet, so this isn’t everything I am getting, but this what I got so far.

From my boss, I got an Urban Decay makeup palette and mascara that is super lovely and it was way too kind of her to get me something that nice. I’m so grateful.

Next, from my friend Angie, I got an adorable mug that says “Friends don’t let friends do stupid stuff alone” on it and it says “adventure awaits” (I think…I’m too lazy to get up and look at it now) at the bottom!

My friend/Wife for life, Kristin, got me a beautiful pearl bracelet and a little J with yoga stuff on it which was so sweet and thoughtful!

My friend Tyler got me a really awesome choker (which looks like a sad black string in the picture, but I assure you that it’s actually really cute) and I am so excited to include it into OOTDs in the future.

My cousin is the king of really cool tech gifts so him and my cousin-in-law got me a charging pad for my cell phone and a gift card to a sushi restaurant (because they are also big foodies and always know the cool places to eat). I think the charging pad will encourage me to stay off my phone as much while it charges which I’m trying to do more.

Lastly, my friend Michaella got me a cute Namaste mug (because clearly everyone knows how I want to collect mugs), some adorable over the knee socks with bear faces on them, and these awesome metal hair clips that I’ve been wanting that are similar to the heart shaped clip from Forever 21 that I have shown in a couple fashion posts.

I also got money and gift cards from a few other family members which I’m so thankful for because this holiday season has really wounded my bank account and everyone’s gifts were incredibly generous and thoughtful!

From my Family


First of all, I am awful at photographing clothes so try to bear with me. On the left is this super awesome cardigan I got from TJMaxx and I  got it in a size up for extra coziness. Next is a really cute mock neck sweater with pastel stripes. This is a little out of my norm because I tend to stray away from color, but I thought I’d give this a shot. I also got a really nice berry sweater from Kohl’s that doesn’t photograph super well because it is that shiny soft fabric that I can’t remember the name of (sorry, that wasn’t very descript). Lastly, I got a fluffy coat from Old Navy that is shearling on the inside and it’s super soft.


My mom knows me so well and loaded me up on some necessities this year. First of all, if you know me, you know I don’t have any matching gloves because I’m an idiot and constantly lose one out of every pair…which is why my mom got me 2 pairs of black and 2 pairs of gray so that I am 4 gloves of each if I lose one.

She also got me 2 pairs of black leggings because you can never have enough black leggings in my opinion, especially in sweater season. I pretty much live in leggings and when it snows, leggings are what I put under every pair of jeans I wear!

Lastly, my mom got me some boot socks because they are always a nice thing to have around. This pair is cute because although they look black, they have little speckles of colored string throughout.

Fun and Games

One of the things I was most pumped about getting this Christmas was the book Flux by Orion Carloto. Orion is one of my favorite YouTubers and Twitter personalities and she is a FANTASTIC writer with such a huge heart and creative mind. I can’t wait to dive into her book which she wrote in such a transformative part of her life. I also can’t wait to eventually review it.

My mom knows I love playing games with friends so she got me this game called Spontuneous which is a game in which you sing and dance and act out things spontaneously which should be fun with my group of former theater people!

I also got the game What Do You Meme? because I have been wanting it for ages and it has finally become available in stores to purchase. Can’t wait for my next game night with friends, this will sure be a laugh!


My mom knows me well enough to know that I hoard room decor because I am stock piling as I prepare to save up to move out. This year, my mom got me this cute mug and trinket dish set with a “namaste in bed all day” mug and a little hamsa dish to keep rings and earrings on! She also got me a wall hanging blanket/tapestry thing that I plan to put in my record corner (which I hope to do a tour of at some point).


So this year, I got some IOU gift photos in an envelope. My brother got me Paramore’s new album, After Laughter, on vinyl which was in stock when he clicked order but then went out of stock when he was ordering. My mom also ordered me this cute purse for me to take to work that she knew wasn’t going to ship until after Christmas, but that doesn’t make me any less grateful. Lastly, I asked for a shirt from the clothing company Deadskull Apparel which is run by Paul from Big Brother seasons 18 and 19 who I loved so I had to support!

Also, one of the gifts I was most excited about was my new Vans. I have wanted Vans for quite a while but never wanted to spend the money, but my mom found them at Kohl’s for a markdown and swiped them for me and I am so so happy she did!

Stocking Stuffers


I love stocking stuffers because it’s usually the time I get the most candy I get all year, as well as some cute little things that weren’t worth wrapping. One of my favorite things on Christmas is a chocolate orange so I was hecka pumped to get that. I was also grateful for the Batiste dry shampoo (like please sponsor me Batiste, I love you) and the little yogi pins!

Overall, I am so so so beyond grateful for everything I got and I would like to thank from my friends, family, parents, brother, boss, and anyone also who got me anything this year!

What did you get for the holidays this year? If you didn’t get anything, how did you celebrate the season! I love to hear about what people got to give me some inspiration for gifts to buy people in the future and for my birthday coming up in February (wink wink)!

Merry Day-After Christmas!


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